Essential accessories and gadgets for your Car

If you’re driving an older vehicle or anything pre-2013, then you’ll probably be in need of some trendy or cool gadgets and accessories to liven up your cabin and make each drive more fulfilling.

Certain accessories and gadgets are essentials for any car. From practical items to not-so-practical items, the essentials can assist to make your time on the road fun. Meantime, the non-essentials are probably just nice to look at. For whatever reasons, people In this country are just crazy about customizing their cars. From fancy accessories, gadgets to colors inside and out, some may go overboard with trying to be different or unique.

We’d like to highlight these essential accersories and gadgets, based on practicality.   

Bluetooth receiver

Say your car still runs on a CD player with the regular radio and MP3 compatibility then it’s possible to plug in a Bluetooth receiver to get your headunit paired to your Smartphone. You’ll then be able to play music or stream music from your phone.  And possibly discover more new things with Bluetooth

Seat cushion and cover

Seat cushion is an absolute essential because it keeps your body in right position, especially during long distance. Adding a cover or two to the seat is relevant as it protect your seat from minor wear and tear, particularly for leather-typed seat.

Roof top cargo carrier

When it comes to roof-top cargo carrier, Thule is probably a well-known brand in the automotive industry. If you’re constantly travelling and require extra storage, you can’t go wrong with a roof-top carrier. Your car’s boot space might be a little cramp to store all your travel items, so a roof-top carrier could be an effective solution for your storage needs.

Car air purifier

Air quality is getting from bad to worse in this country due to pollution and man-made mess, leading to plenty of people getting sick or ill. Just pay a visit to your nearest Government-sponsored clinic and you’ll see a whole lot of people lining up for free meds and a day-off-from-work sheet. Inside a car, air quality is similarly poor if the environment is bad. So what’s the best thing to have in a car for this? Yes, an air purifier. An air -purifier has one main job, to remove everything unnatural with the air i.e. odor, smoke and even dust. In a car, it’s absolutely relevant to own an air purifier to clean and clear out the air inside to ensure a healthy and fresh drive.

Multi Smart charger

Your phone is about to run out of batt and you don’t have a charger in the car, imagine the horror…

These days, a charger is as essential as air itself so why not consider a smart or wireless charger? You know what a wireless charger is, but a smart charger is possibly more practical as it can charge up quicker and you can charge multiple devices or phones. Some smart chargers even prevent phones from overcharging.

Car Phone mount

For a grab driver and everyone else for that matter, a phone car mount is indeed important. It is advisable to purchase a sturdy phone holder to stop from slipping and hold the phone in place. A well-priced universal phone holder should do the trick.  

Car Safety Hammer Escape Tool

While we’re on the subject of safety (and action hero-style escapes), this hammer escape tool features hardened steel points used for smashing through safety glass. A lot like the Zinger, it’s a handy device to have on board if ever there’s a need to make a quick break for it after a terrifying crash.

DVR and Dashboard Cam

DVR (Digital Video Recorder) or dash cam has become a must-have in this day and age. The equipment records everything that’s going on in front of the car. In an event of an accident, the recorded footage can be used for police report and to determine who’s at fault and such. As technology gets better, dash cams these days come in full HD with wide-angle view to capture more in relatively clear visual and decent sound quality.

Tyre Pressure gauge

Tyre pressure gauge comes in a standard manual type or an advanced wireless tyre pressure monitoring type. The wireless type even works with your smartphone’s app. It checks your tyre pressure 24/7 and sends notifications if your tyre pressure is low.

Survival kit

In an event of an accident or unforeseen incident, a survival kit can save you from hefty medical bills and prevent further injuries. A survival kit is obtainable from your local pharmacy and is a required essential to have in your car.

Jumper cables

When your car’s battery does not function properly, the first thought on everyone’s mind is the batt has to be replaced. That’s not the case all the time. When a car has been idle for a time or the car batt’s in a weaken conditon, the battery didn’t just flat out and is bound for the trash. All you need is a handy pair of jumper cables to jolt it back to life. Thereafter, it is advisable to have a mechanic check it for safety purposes.

Backseat and boot organizer

For those who are neat, backseat and boot organizers are essentials to keep your small items and files properly tucked away. Backseat organizer can minimize the rear seat’s legroom a little, but it’s better than having all your stuff moving all over the rear seat.

Now, a boot organizer is much more useful and it’s out of sight. It allows you to stack all your stuff into it, neatly. You don’t want things moving about in the boot and distracting you while you’re driving, now would you?     

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