Domestic Technology Company LokaTech, or loosely called local tech, has came up with its very own built-in toll reader for motorists. This new toll reader or Smartag reader is a joint effort between LokaTech and Efkon, an Austrian Tech provider of the country’s infra-red electronic toll collection system.  The new LokaTAG reader is the first aftermarket built-in reader and retails for RM480.

This thing called Smartag or toll reader has been in development since 1997 in this country. After years of deliberation, it finally became a reality in 2005, with inception of the Smartag infra-red toll collection system across the country.

Aftermarket built-in toll reader

This new device is an alternative to the portable MaxTag which came about in October 2018. With the Lokatag device, you can ditch the portable reader and have the device integrated as part of an equipment of a car. What’s more, this device has direct connection to the battery, which means you don’t need to trouble yourself when the device needs new batteries or even charging up. Furthermore, this device features a long-lasting back-lit display with card error or low credit alert and is compatible with all cars.

Now, the company strives to roll it out to the masses and hope for a high adoption rate. With a portable reader, there’re plenty of cons, while the LokaTag has it pros. For early adopters, built-in reader has been proven to be well accepted as people prefer convenience above everything else. Additionally, the reader with infra-red retains high preference among highway users due to its proven reliability and efficiency.

Lokatag partner Efkon reveals that future infra-red readers will incorporate Bluetooth connectivity and voice alerts.  Bluetooth connectivity will enable users to interact with the electronic toll reader units using devices such as smartphones and car media systems.

So, if you’re ready for a built-in toll reader, look no further than the LokaTag device. Check out the deal at Shopee to get a free on-site installation in the valley and 0% Easy Payment Plan (EPP) for just an extra RM1.

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