In a fitting farewell for the Icon, the Volkswagen Beetle, Volkswagen Malaysia presented the Beetle Collector’s Edition at last evening’s Bye Bye Beetle party event. This absolute final edition of the Beetle in this country retails for RM 164,390 and only available in a limited quantity of  75 units.  

The VW Beetle Collector’s Edition comes in these colorways: Blue Silk, Pure White, Habanero Orange and Tornado Red. To make it a collector’s item, VW infused some RM12,000 worth of accessories to spice this edition. The items include a rear spoiler, decorative film, chrome exhaust tips, aluminium sports pedals, scuff plates and an emblem marking its production run. And that’s not it, the VW Beetle Collector’s Edition comes with tinting and a certificate of ownership. This is the most opportune time to own a Beetle, as it is the last special edition Beetle to be offered in this country. It’s like owning a piece of history.

VW Malaysia’s Managing Director Erik Winter remarked, “The Collector’s Edition Beetle is a celebration of an amazing run of the Beetle. All good things must come to an end, and it is the same with this global bestseller. The Beetle has enjoyed a rich history – in Malaysia it is one that dates to when it was assembled in Shah Alam in 1968. No other car has sparked such a cult following and defined generations the way the Beetle has. This is the end of an era, so it is only right that we celebrate the life and times of the Beetle with something truly special that is the Collector’s Edition.”

VW Beetle: The Historic Icon

To date, some 21.5 million units have been sold globally, making it one of the best-selling cars in the 20th century. VW announced that this year marks the final production run of the Beetle, after three generations. The Beetle shares its longest procuction run alongside the other renowned VW, the Kombi.

Most Beetle lovers would recall the Icon’s personified tagline – “peace, love and happiness” – during the hippy days of the 60s. Since then, the Beetle has made countless appearances in pop culture I.e.  as the original Bumblebee, as Herbie the Love Bug and Elle Wood’s transportation of choice in ‘Legally Blonde’. The car even appeared on the cover of the final Beatles album, with a rendition by renowned artist Andy Warhol.

The VW Beetle Collector’s Edition is set to appear at the weekend’s largest Beetle gathering at the Malaysian Government hub, Putrajaya, on 13 July. Come view and bid your fond farewell to the Icon with your friends and family. VW intends to bid a proper farewell to the Beetle with this largest ever gathering and go into the record books.

Alternatively, you could view the Beetle Collector’s Edition at showrooms. This edition and all VWs come with a 3-year free maintenance, 5-year unlimited mileage warranty and 5-year roadside assistance.