Alfa Romeo aficionados should mark their calendars for 24 June. The date marks the brand’s 110th Anniversary (1910 – 2020). The Alfa Romeo brand is all about passion and masterpiece models, created the past century and a decade. As precursor to the main event, Alfa Romeo has planned plenty of activities that run through the year for fans, aficionados and owners. Alfa Romeo is of course associated with the best of Italian ‘genius’, well-known technical and artistic heritage.

To mark the occasion, Alfa Romeo Style Center has created a new logo to feature on the cars and to support the brand’s initiatives during all the events planned for 2020. It symbolizes the brand’s strengths, through technology, driving pleasure and beauty. Continuing from the centenary celebrations, the number itself forms the logo. The first two “1” figures are presented in a perspective that gives the number an impression of transition from the past to the present, climaxing in the “0”. One of the most characteristic and recognizable elements of the Alfa Romeo logo can be found within the “0”, the “Biscione”. The establishment date and this year, 1910-2020, will complete the bottom of the circle.

The center of attraction for 110th Anniversary celebrations will be the Museo Storico Alfa Romeo. The venue represents a tangible bridge between the eras and generations.

The brand has always had very close links with the Mille Miglia, which strengthen year after year in competition, victories and popular acclaim. Last year, Alfa Romeo achieved a double on the podium, by also winning the Sponsor Team Trophy. It would already be quite something to see gems such as the 1928 6C 1500 SS, the 1929 6C 1750 Zagato and the 1929 6C 1750 SS Young in the most evocative streets and locations in Italy, but the 110th anniversary will also see the “Red Arrow” feature from 13 – 16 May on the Brescia-Rome-Brescia track, with unmissable celebrations taking place in the run-up to the historical re-enactment. After that, Alfa Romeo goes to Goodwood from 9 – 12 July, where the brand will be the guest of honor and will receive a tribute to its anniversary.