The all-new K900 which debut at last year’s Los Angeles Auto Show will be appearing at the Super Bowl XLVIII in East Rutherford, New Jersey on 2 February. Matrix trilogy and prominent actor Laurence Fishburne will return to his role as Morpheus during the third quarter of the Super Bowl to wow the Super Bowl audience in a new Kia K900. (click on image to enlarge)

The new K900 is a variant especially for the U.S. market and is depicted as a modern and elegant large sedan. Signifying a new era for Kia, the new K900 campaign was conceived to cause people to question everything they think they know about the brand by showing a side of luxury they’ve never seen before.

2015 Kia K900’s Super Bowl 2014 Matrix-themed premiere

Channeling the films’ exploration of perception versus reality, the first element of the campaign is the 60-second Super Bowl spot in which Morpheus offers an unsuspecting couple a startling choice while waiting at an upscale restaurant’s valet stand: “Take the blue key, you go back to the luxury you know. Take the red key, and you’ll never look at luxury the same again.”

After reaching for the red key, the plot thickens as Morpheus accompanies the couple on an unforgettable ride filled with imagery from and nods to The Matrix films to explain “what luxury looks like” – the K900’s V8 power, advanced technology and superb craftsmanship and materials – and “what luxury sounds like,” by serenading them with a soaring rendition of “Nessun dorma,” an aria from Giacomo Puccini’s opera Turandot. As the K900 drives by, two strikingly similar-looking agents gaze in disbelief as streetlights explode and high-rise buildings ripple like water.

2015 K900 represents fifth appearance for Kia at the Super Bowl

Before and after the Super Bowl, the fully-integrated campaign will incorporate TV, cinema, digital, print, experiential, social media and CRM components, all drawing heavily on imagery and ideas from the films, including: levitating cars, authentic costumes and props, and a recreation of the stark white environment of “The Construct.” In the extended 90-second cut available for viewing at, the K900’s presence bends the spoon of a woman in a red dress.

With the V8 expected to go on sale this Spring, the 2015 K900 is poised to challenge the full-size rear-drive luxury sedan segment with an extensive list of standard equipment, plenty of amenities and a ‘desirable’ design .

Edited: Kia