Two years ago, personnel participated in the inaugural Michelin Pilot Sport Experience at the Sepang International Circuit. This year, the Michelin Pilot Sport experience has returned for another fast and furious excitement and sheer driving fiesta in the months of August and September.

2016 Michelin Pilot Sport exp brief 2016 Michelin Pilot Sport exp Renault Clio IV 2016 Michelin Pilot Sport exp Formula 4 2016 Michelin Pilot Sport exp Lamborghini 2014 GT3

The 2016 Michelin Pilot Sport Experience saw a select number of participants, including 5 winners from Michelin Pilot Sport promotion contest and 3 winners of Michelin Driving Passion online campaign, partake in the region’s biggest on-track driving extravaganza. The local participants were joined by over 600 Michelin dealers, brand stakeholders, influencers and media from Asia, the Middle-East, Oceania and Europe. This year’s Michelin Pilot Sport Experience embarks on its twelfth edition.

The event offered participants plenty of fast and performance cars, decked with Michelin Pilot Sport shods, of course. Guided by an elite team of professional racing drivers and instructors, participants were given a chance to drive premium racing vehicles such as; Citroen DS3 R1, Formula 4 car, Renault Clio IV, Lamborghini 2014 GT3 and the Formula Le Mans prototype 2-seater, exclusively designed for the event. Additionally, participants got to meet with Earl Bamber, Le Mans and PCCA champion. Bamber is a former Michelin Pilot Sport experience instructor.

Michelin also took the opportunity to unveil the brand new Pilot Sport 4 tyre, the latest addition to the Pilot Sport range. This tyre is specifically designed for premium sedans and sport cars whose owners desire enhanced driving pleasure through superior performance, a unique look and safety. The newest Pilot Sport 4 tyre has already been launched in Europe and would make its way to Asia Pacific markets before the end of the year.

2014 Michelin Pilot Sport experience

The 2014 Michelin Pilot Sport event spanned a total of 22 days at Sepang, with more than 500 participants from 16 countries. At the 2014 event, the participants had the opportunity to run some of the most competitive race cars. The cars available then were: the Formula 4, Toyota GT86, Renault Clio Cup, Lamborghini Gallardo Super Trofeo and Formula Le Mans. As always, all of the activities were done under the watchful eye of professional instructors and renowned racecar drivers with years of experience in a safe and competitive driving environment with a strict no-compromise policy.

That year,, winners of the Michelin’s The Right 2 Race online game were invited to partake in the Pilot Sport experience.

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