Porsche Asia Pacific announced the commencement of the highly anticipated Porsche Driving Experience at the Sepang International Circuit, a unique program catered for drivers who want to take their skills to the next level, step-by-step.

Sepang circuit was chosen for its well-known status as the hub for motor racing activities in the region, as well as the proximity to Kuala Lumpur city for recreational activities. The track itself is 5.543 kilometers long and is famous for its sweeping corners and wide straights.

Consisting of 7 different and unique courses, Warm-up, Precision, Performance, Master, Race Track Experience, Porsche World Roadshow and Co-pilot, the main objective is to familiarize drivers how to control the dynamics of the car in different driving situations and with varying involvement of the vehicle’s electronic aid systems. Working in small groups ensures individual attention and rapid progress in learning; there is also the possibility to progress towards race driver level training. In addition to the training content, every program ensures that the fun side of driving is not forgotten.

The Porsche Driving Experience will feature the full range of Porsche models, from the 718 series to the 911, Macan, Cayenne and the recently launched Panamera. Some top-end models are also available, including the 911 Turbo S, Cayenne Turbo S and Panamera Turbo.

The Co-pilot course starts from RM750 while participating at the levels equivalent to the popular Porsche Sport Driving School, the beginner Warm-up course starts from RM7,500. Cars used in the courses can be the participants’ own vehicle or will be provided by Porsche Asia Pacific.

Interested parties can immediately register their interest for any of these courses at the official website: www.porsche.com/driving-experience-asia-pacific.

An overview of the Porsche Driving Experience

Warm-up (Porsche Sport Driving School).
Before sport comes the warm-up. And it’s no different when driving a sports car. The warm-up course is aimed at everyone who would like to experience the fascination of Porsche on the race track.

Precision (Porsche Sport Driving School).
Your Porsche is like a precision instrument. It reacts to every steering movement you make and puts it into action exactly. If you consider it the other way around, this means that the more accurately you operate, the more control you will have and the safer your driving will be. And that is exactly what is practiced on this course. Also, Precision training is the ideal basis for Performance training.

The training focuses on how to handle the car and basic driving safety. At the same time, attention is paid to the potential dangers of everyday road traffic. Particularly important factors here are learning to estimate speed and being able to react quickly.

You will practice taking evasive action and experience the effect that even slight differences in speed can have on the intensity of load changes, gradually simulating driving conditions in which the car threatens to oversteer.

The syllabus features an extensive and well-founded teaching of basic principles – with individual commentation of the learning successes in sections. The program features a guided module where drivers can complete full laps of the circuit. There’s plenty of time for practicing accurate steering, skillful braking and careful acceleration.

Performance (Porsche Sport Driving School).
You’ve successfully completed the Precision level? Then welcome to Performance training, the next step on your way to achieving the greatest possible performance. On this course we will show you more driving tricks and ruses, and adapt your performance to the performance of your car. Expand your limits. This driving safety course mainly concentrates on further improving your vehicle control. Participants should possess certain basic knowledge, such as how to find the most suitable seat position, develop optimum vision control and respond correctly when the vehicle threatens to oversteer at low speeds. Then we increase the pace – and your safety at the wheel.

In addition to a theory session geared towards performance driving and advanced exercises on driver safety, the training includes a chance to familiarise yourself with the respective sequence of bends and find the ideal line. Intensive sections aim at further improving your command of the car, lap after lap. Accurate and effective braking when entering a corner and avoiding unnecessary steering inputs are primarily a question of practice. One of the main on-road training modules is ‘lapping’, the opportunity to finely hone your skills over the entire circuit.

Porsche Sport Driving School instructors monitor your driving throughout and assess your progress at the end. However, here too, the emphasis is on improving your ability rather than driving at high speeds. You must have completed a Performance training course before you can take part in the next level, the Master training.

Master (Porsche Sport Driving School).
At Porsche, constant further development applies to car and driver. So, after several driver training courses with the Porsche Sport Driving School, how about the next level? Master. On this course you are supported by experienced professionals. A well-trained instructor will accompany you through the whole programme. And all of our instructors are experienced in racing.

You are already an accomplished driver, so we don’t need to cover the basics. Instead, we can focus on showing you how to drive more independently and quickly find your way around the track without the aid of cones and instructors. Naturally, this also includes identifying and following the racing line. You’ll also discover how this can be developed still further.

Training is conducted in small groups and performance is analyzed. You’ll also have plenty of time out on the track to put what you’ve learned into practice and continue to improve your skills – you’ll even receive one-2-one guidance on some laps of the circuit.

In addition, a workshop covering both theoretical and practical aspects will teach you all you need to know about the chassis and tyres to enable you to transfer the power of your car to the road in the most efficient way.

Race Track Experience.
When was the last time you did something for the first time? Our Race Track Experience is all about driving, goose bumps and thrill. And about a get together with a family feeling. You will spend one day at the Sepang International Circuit to be introduced to Porsche, our spirit and our model range. You will learn a lot about Porsche and how to drive our cars. From the correct seating position to driving through exciting twists and turns on our slalom and handling sections.

Porsche World Roadshow.
The ultimate Porsche adventure is waiting for you. And your lifetime dreams may come true. Experience the entire Porsche model range on the track and off-road in various high performance exercises. 16 brand new sports cars and a professional Porsche instructor team are waiting for you.

Climb into the passenger seat and be impressed by the combination of power and design. To start with, a professional instructor will familiarize you with the car’s technical features, then fasten your seatbelt, sit back and hold on tightly. Our expert instructors will whisk you away on an exciting co-drive that is guaranteed to pin you to your racing seat, accompanied by that unmistakable sound of a Porsche around every bend of our FIA-certified on-road circuit.

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