The Tokyo Motor Show is back! The show is scheduled from 24 October to 4 November at the Tokyo Big Sight.

With “Open Future” as its theme and with the participation of more than 186 companies and organizations from seven countries around the world, the show will offer thrilling vehicle displays and entertaining events, and also enable visitors to see what mobility will look like and how it will be integrated into the urban living experience of the not-so-distant future. The theme interprets the open-ended scope of possibilities that the exciting new mobility of the future. In addition to the basic enjoyment of motor vehicles and motorcycles, the show demonstrates that the potential of the future is always expanding at the Tokyo Motor Show.

As one of the largest and most recognizable Motor Shows this part of the world, the show has been conceived and organized on the basis of close collaborative efforts with other industries.

Aside from the main event, there’s a “Future Expo” event by the Japanese Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry and the New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO).

The show’s venue is the Japanese capital city’s Big Sight, expanded for this year’s event. This venue includes the new “Open Road” connecting the Ariake and Aomi areas, to create one vast “mobility theme park” for visitors to the show. Various zones within the Tokyo Motor Show are practically free-of-charge.

Main activities at the show comprise test drives of latest-model cars and bikes. There are racing and custom-built car displays, as well as the premiere of the Drone race.

Getting to the show, there’s a 1.5 km-long “Open Road” that links the Ariake and Aomi areas. Special personal/micro-mobility models are allocated to help visitors on their trip to the show.

Tickets and passes are available from August for early birds and thereafter in September.

46th Tokyo Motor Show 2019 details

Dates:24 October – 8 November

Venue: Aomi Area–Open Road–Ariake Area)

No. of exhibitors: 186 and more


  1. One Make races
  2. Exhibiting Manufacturers’ Competition
  3. Under-18 all-Japan championships
  4. Gllobal Gran Turismo championship
  5. MegaWeb, various exciting, high-profile e-Motorsports competitions
  6.  KidZania