It’s a fan favorite among Malaysians and rightly so. With the bulletproof reliability of the Toyota brand and the tested and proven dealer support, the Toyota Vios has always been the safe bet for those who require a B segment sedan that provides good value for money with a fuss free ownership experience. However the last generation Vios was quickly getting left behind by its rivals who sported newer toys and trinkets that were veering buyers away from it. Something had to be done and boy did Toyota deliver. The 2019 Toyota has undergone a much needed overhaul and comes with a whole host of upgrades. While we shall detail more about the car later, here are 5 things you must know about the newest kid on the B-saloon block.

1. Improved ride and handling

The previous Toyota Vios had a ride and handling that can be best described as soft at best. While very comfortable it was a little aloof in the corners, which was a shame because the car had a wonderful engine and gearbox combination that made acceleration and highway cruising a pleasure. The current car has had its suspensions reworked extensively. While it’s still as comfortable as the old car, its far more planted in the corners, inspiring confidence and delivering a safer driving feel. Its damping has come a long way, feeling far more sophisticated than its predecessor or even its rivals. Truly a remarkable improvement that would only be justified in a test drive.

2. A Quiet Place

It truly is. Unlike its rivals, this B segment saloon achieves monastery levels of quietness even when heading on the highway towards Johor Bahru while doing the national speed limit. Its improved sound insulation from the engine, external aerodynamic tweaks and materials make it a whole lot quieter than the Honda City. And being a Toyota, you know that this car is going to be just as quiet for years to come.

3. Safety first

A big leap in improvement in the 2019 Toyota Vios over the previous version is the addition of 7 airbags and a full 5 star score in the ASEAN NCAP crash safety tests. This is reassuring news as the mark of any good car has to be its safety credentials. Adding to the already impressive list of safety features are the 3 ISOFIX harnesses on the 3 passenger seats, which makes securing your precious one’s child seat a total ease. Also the front and rear brake discs on the 2019 Vios has been considerably upsized to aid braking

4. All Eyes on Me

The new 2019 Vios come equipped with a dashcam, or what they call the DVR (Digital Video Recorder). Besides recording your journey, it also functions as a Lane Departure Warning device, sending out a beep when you veer off your lane above 60kph. Most importantly, the DVR is your best friend when it comes to traffic collision disputes, capturing every moment in pristine quality, day and night. What’s better is that it ‘locks’ the footage that is recorded before and after the crash as the device has a G-sensor to detect collision. You can even add a rear facing DVR from authorized Toyota dealers to make sure you are covered in both ends, literally.

5. More Toys than Christmas

The previous Toyota Vios was infamous for being a little Spartan in terms of toys and tech, not the 2019 version though. With blind spot monitoring, a 4.2 inch TFT multicolored display on the instrument panel, and a 6.8 inch display panel which allows for mirror link with compatible smart phones for the 1.5E and G variants. Another cool trick under the 2019 Vios sleeve is its reverse camera. Not only does it come with guide lines that allows you to ‘aim’ your car into a desired space, it also comes with a Panoramic View Monitor that allows you to ‘see around the car’ when maneuvering. Handy, when you want to make the perfect parking the next time you head to a mall.

With prices starting from RM77,200 for the 1.5J variant and RM81,200 and RM87,300 for the E and G variants respectively, the new 2019 Toyota Vios is a far cry from its predecessor and a worthy adversary to its rivals. We can whole heartedly say that the Vios has found its mojo once again and it’s a whole lot more than just a safe resale bet. But don’t just take our word for it, head over to a Toyota showroom and test drive this new B-segment entry today.