50th Anniversary of the Subaru Horizontally opposed “Boxer” engine

Subaru Symmetrical AWD_2 Subaru is celebrating the 50th anniversary of its one-of-a-kind horizontally-opposed “Boxer” engine this year. Subaru’s signature Boxer engine was introduced on the Subaru 1000 compact passenger car on May 1966.

Since then, Subaru has pursued to maximize the advantages of its Boxer engines and continuously enhanced them to power its vehicles. Today, every vehicle sold by Subaru is fitted with a Boxer engine and its total production over the past 50 years tops 16 million units.

In a horizontally-opposed design of the Boxer engine, the pistons face each other in a side-to-side symmetrical layout. The opposing pistons work to cancel out the inertia force of each other, resulting in less vibration and superb rotational balance which provide a smooth feel right up to the high rev range. The engine’s flat, low profile also helps to lower the vehicle’s center of gravity, enhancing driving stability and handling performance. Over a long period of time, Subaru has committed to maximizing the advantages of its Boxer engines and continued to enhance them to power its vehicles.

The Boxer engine is one of the key components that comprise Subaru’s distinctive Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive (AWD) system. Subaru Symmetrical AWD offers a combination of superior stability and traction intrinsic to AWD and balanced distribution of weight provided by the symmetrically-laid-out drivetrain with a longitudinally-mounted Boxer engine positioned in line with it; the synergy delivers excellent performance such as stability at high speeds and brisk cornering.

In February last year, the production accumulation of the Boxer engine reached 15 million units. Along with the 15 millionth Boxer engine, Subaru has reached a milestone for All-wheel drive system production; in the excess of 14 million. The All-wheel drive (AWD) was first featured in the Subaru Leone 4WD Estate van, launched in September 1972. Subaru’s Symmetrical AWD system is one of the core technologies to underpin the brand’s commitment to safety and driving pleasure; it provides driving stability at high speeds as well as brisk cornering, which is a synergy between the driving stability and drivability intrinsic to AWD and the balanced distribution of weight realized by the symmetrically-laid-out drivetrain with a longitudinally-mounted Boxer engine positioned in line with it.

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