A glimpse into the future with the Citroen 19_19 Concept

Citroen recently showcased its 19_19 Concept at the VivaTech in Paris. The 19_19 is a brand manifesto that reminds people on the brand’s century mark in making automobiles.

Looking more like a capsule or pod than a vehicle, the 19_19 Concept is inspired by aviation, It is highlighted by a fully-glazed suspended cabin; oversized wheels and a subframe for the electric drive train and suspension.

Best described as a fuselage of an aircraft and bubble of a helicopter, the 19_19’s first impression has the four “Super Tall and Narrow” wheels, a lengthy wheelbase (3.10m), a floating cabin and  aeroplane wings. The front consists a transparent double bonnet, supposedly to improve aerodynamics. Furthermore, there’s a  short upper bonnet which serves as a spoiler and as a medium for the light signature, in the form of two lines of light in a “Y shape”, consistent with the Brand’s most recent concept cars, CXperience and Ami One Concept. The headlights on this concept consists of full LED light signature partition featuring the chevrons; the upper light strip forms a frontal rib, while the lower light line constitutes the extremity of the lower bonnet.

To the side, there’s a black panel that blends into the front door, which serves as a welcome interface for motorists approaching the vehicle. From the rear,  blue microperforated trim safeguards the privacy of passengers, who can see while not being seen. The experiences in rows one and two are different, highlighted by two emphatically different colors, black at the front and blue at the rear. The lights at the rear is similar to the front with two LED light lines forming a “Y”, including the chevrons. Additionally, under the cabin, the stem shape enhances aerodynamics by closing the air flow.

The Citroen 19_19 Concept draws on the Brand’s heritage with its vivid and deep “Rosalie Blue” color, a nod to the Petite Rosalie. The luminous and almost electric hue is anodized, unvarnished, technological and futuristic.

The wheels are 30-inch in diameter, while comes as a whole with the tyres; the tyres are specifically developed by Goodyear for this concept.

The interior of the 19_19 Concept is described as a living room on the go. A plush cabin offers several ways of experiencing Citroën’s Advanced Comfort program. The cabin’s tone is of deep and warm colors, with a base of blue and red, and finished in blue, red and purple through the use of 3D mesh.

All the passengers now have a special seat that responds to the desires of all occupants, who have the comfort of being able to choose their own comfort. The onboard experience is fully customized. Driver seat has a raw, protective structure home to a soft and enveloping ultra-comfort seat, like a broad and thick cushion grafted on to the structure. Meantime, the rear sofa’s sound bubble acts to isolate passengers who so desire from those in the front. Meantime, the cocoon spirit is underscored by the micro-perforated trim covering the rear area, enabling occupants to see outside but not be seen. Rear-seat passengers benefit from ideal cabin luminosity with reading lights.

The driver looks at a futuristic dashboard with personal assistant and a retractable steering. Getting in and out is a breeze with doors that open up like a fridge. Ample storage spaces are available inside the 19_19.

To elevate the 19_19, the concept takes up an innovative suspension with Progressive Hydraulic Cushions and a smart active control system. This is Citroen’s intention to make the car a “magic carpet”. The suspension system is visible and signified, showcased within the cabin.

As an autonomous drive, proactive Personal Assistant equipped with artificial intelligence is included to improve in-car comfort. The cabin do away with touchscreens or switches, instead emphasizes on projection and welcome screens on the doors. The Personal Assistant anticipates the needs of occupants, proposing actions even before the passengers express their needs. Moreover, the Personal assistant has two positions on the dashboard, while other features like voice recognition and heads-up display with AR are some of the exclusives onboard the 19_19.

Under the hood, the Citroen  19_19 Concept is powered by an all-electric 4WD drive train with 100 kWh batteries to deliver 340 kW and 800 Nm of torque. The concept does 0 to 100 km/h in five seconds and reaches a top speed of 200 km/h. Although these are preliminary figures, it’s still pretty darn impressive…

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