Asia Advanced Driving Academy (AADA) and Kenvin Low_2
Asia Advanced Driving Academy (AADA) and Kenvin Low, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Founder of AADA, received four internationally acclaimed certifications from DIAmond Advanced Motorists and International Association of Driver Education (IVV), in a press statement released yesterday. DIAmond Advanced Motorist is the largest professional membership body for drivers and rider trainers in the United Kingdom (UK) and has been an accrediting body across Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and Asia Pacific.

Kenvin Low, the recipient of the certifications, said, “It is an honor to be recognized internationally for our skills and quality in providing trainings for light and heavy vehicles as well as to other trainers across the region. We will ensure constant quality in our delivery of trainings as we continue to improve our skills in the motoring industry.”

Low is the first Asian to receive the DIAmond Driving Test Examiner certification from DIAmond which authorises him to conduct driving tests on behalf of DIAmond. Additionally, Low has been included in the IVV Accredited Training Register, which authorizes him to conduct Defensive Driving course for Light and Heavy vehicles as well as Train-the-Trainer programs. AADA on the other hand, is an approved training center to conduct IVV and Train-the Trainer courses while its trainers, Amran Hamid, Kenneth Ooi, Noor Azman Jumaat and Stanley Sip also received a certification from IVV, UK.

Mark Atkins, Chief Examiner (International) for DIAmond Advanced Motorist who presented Kenvin Low and AADA with these certifications commented, “These certifications are viewed as credible evidence of Kenvin’s and AADA’s above average ability in the motoring industry. Kenvin is intent on developing his team and himself, to deliver the highest possible standards of training. His main strength is his desire to improve which has not waned throughout his career. I congratulate Kenvin and his team on their unwavering hunger for improvement and wish them all the best.”

As a respectable professional driver in his industry, Low, through AADA has showcased his skills in shaping many professional drivers and also providing a comprehensive range of training courses across various industries. At this event, AADA also received a certificate of appreciation from Akademi Pengangkutan Jalan Malaysia (JPJ) for conducting a Train-the-Trainer course with its employees.

During the certificate hand-over, AADA also unveiled its two new websites: which targets everyday drivers and for corporate customers.