Alfa Romeo Giulietta FF6_04 The Alfa Romeo Giulietta becomes the star of the latest release of the ‘Fast & Furious’ flick franchise – the Fast & Furious 6.

The movie, starring Vin Diesel, Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, Paul Walker, and a bunch of Hollywood & international action stars and a rapper, is set to premiere first in London on 7 May and worldwide from 22 May.

Alfa Romeo Giulietta FF6

London is precisely the chosen setting for ‘Fast&Furious 6’ – this is the first time that a film in the series is shot in Europe – and the location of one of the most thrilling scenes, an incredible drive that sees the films stars on board a potent Alfa Romeo Giulietta. First, the car ‘debarks’ from an enormous Antonov during take-off then it attempts to interrupt the cargo aircraft’s take-off run in a breath-taking chase sequence. In the end, it’s the Giulietta who comes out on top, thanks to the model’s outstanding performance and the bravery of the two stars, driving the aircraft disastrously off the runway.

Alfa Romeo Giulietta FF6_03 Alfa Romeo Giulietta FF6_05

What’s more, the same scenes from the thrilling runway chase sequence have been used for the new Alfa Romeo Giulietta advert which is now on air on the main Italian television networks, and will soon be shown in other countries. It’s a genuine trailer, promoting both the cinema release of ‘Fast&Furious 6’ and the model that is meeting with so much international success: in absolute terms, from launch – May 2010 – to date, more than 192,000 Giuliettas have been ordered worldwide.

Alfa Romeo Giulietta FF6_02

As the main star of the movie. the Alfa Romeo  Giulietta incorporates either a TCT – 170 HP 1.4 TB MultiAir or 170 HP 2.0 JTDM (diesel) powerplant; only the 1.4 TB is available for the Malaysian market. Introduced in this country by Sime Darby Auto Connexion in May 2012, the  Giulietta depicts a car that has exemplary road-holding, agility and safety.

In detail, in the 170 HP TCT Giulietta 1.4 TB MultiAir version, the top speed is 218 km/h, with just 7.7 seconds needed to accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h. Even with this performance, consumption and emissions are extraordinarily modest: 5.2 l/100 km in the combined cycle and 121 g/km of CO2. Also when combined with the 170 HP 2.0 JTDM diesel engine, the values are at the top of its category: compared to the same version with manual gearbox, acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h changes from 8.0 seconds to 7.9 seconds, fuel consumption (combined cycle) drops from 4.7 l/100 km to 4.5 l/100 km, while CO₂ emissions reach a level of 119 g/km (124 g/km with the manual gearbox).

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