As people in the automotive circle already know, Aston Martin’s very first SUV, the DBX, is set for world debut on 20 November in the capital city of China. A couple weeks before the main event, the Luxury car makers has released more teaser shots of its first ever SUV and even a price for major markets.  

A first interior image of the Aston Martin DBX has surfaced, showcasing a spacious cabin. class-leading materials, and everything interpreted as the ‘finest things in life’.The Aston Martin design team spent over six months to focus on defining the position of the driver within the vehicle, with enough movement in the driver’s seat and steering column to allow clear visibility of all controls, screens and through windows. Crucially, the seating position also delivers a clear view of the bonnet to give confidence when in tight proximity to other cars.

Outstanding visibility is key to an SUV when inspiring driving confidence and DBX fulfils this demand with an enhanced feeling of sitting within the car, bringing a greater sense of safety and a familiar Aston Martin sporting feel. Fundamentally, DBX offers a cabin that gives the driver an instant and relaxed confidence, yet offers the promise of dynamic performance to reward the most discerning driver.

The dashboard accentuates the feeling of space and luxury in DBX. Each button and dial has been carefully positioned following extensive testings to ensure that the cabin develops a feeling of instant familiarity. Into this broad sweep of dashboard the new TFT screens are integrated seamlessly/ Preserving an elegant design is the name of the game here.

The other aspect is the cabin storage, a necessity in an SUV. The Aston Martin DBX has one standout,  a bridged, floating  center console. This small storage could fit larger items such as a handbag or large 1.5-liter water bottles and even your smart devices.

At the rear, the occupants get ‘stadium’ seating arrangements. Apparently, the DBX caters to children too. In a new exercise for Aston Martin, a group of children were invited to share their experience of ingress and egress and sitting in an ergonomic assessment model. Overall, the Aston Martin DBX has class-leading front and rear legroom and a feeling of airiness thanks to the full-length panoramic glass roof and expansive side windows.

Apart from that. Aston Martin’s sports car packaging methodologies and technical solutions have enabled significant benefits to DBX.  Wherever you sit in DBX, there is a sense of space and lightness with encapsulating views of the world you’re exploring.

Ahead of its unveiling, Aston Martin has released price for the all-new DBX: 193,500 euros and USD 189,900.