all-new-mazda6-impressions Motorsportchannel today got a first impression of the all-new Mazda6, courtesy of Bermaz Motor and Mazda Malaysia. today got a first impression of the all new Mazda6, courtesy of Bermaz Motor and Mazda Malaysia. At the special media envoy of four all-new Mazda6 and two BT-50s, the good folks at Bermaz Motor scurried to get ready Mazda6s, two 2.5 and two 2.0, for the media’s first drive of the brand new flagship variant which would have its official unveiling in early March.

Mazda’s new flagship variant replaces the outgoing facelifted Mazda6 and is already creating a buzz in town. Comparatively, the new Mazda6 has wider and lengthier dimensions than the former Mazda6; overall length of the new M6 is 4,865mm compared to former M6’s 4,755mm, in width new M6 has a wider stance at 1,840mm against the previous M6’s 1,795mm, height-wise new M6 measures 1,450mm to the previous M6’s 1,440mm, and wheelbase for the new M6 extends to 2,830mm from the former M6’s 2,725mm. Tyre and wheel sizes have been increased to keep true to the new Mazda6’s “KODO Design” schematics: 16″ to 225/55R17 on the 2.0 and 18″ to 225/45R19 on the 2.5. Potential D-segment buyers and previous M6 owners would obviously find the new M6 bulkier and longer, some will like it and some will loath it. A longer wheelbase and bulkier exterior tend to affect the driving dynamics or handling aspects of the car, and we thought so prior to the drive to Bukit Tinggi & it did not take long for us to realize that we were dead wrong…

The new Mazda6’s conceptualization is realized from the then Concept variant – the Takeri. It is the second variant, after the popular Mazda Crossover CX-5, in the country to be instilled the SKYACTIV Technology package, which accompasses the Engine, Body, Chassis and Suspension fundamentals. The impeccable flowing front to rear silhouette of the new M6 derives a versatile co-efficient drag of just 0.27 as opposed to the former M6’s cd of <0.30. Like the CX-5, the new M6 manages a powerplant compression ratio of a tight 13.0:1 for a very efficient combustion which ultimately leads to exemplary fuel consumption ratings without sacrificing power output.


Both SKYACTIV-G 2.0 and 2.5 with SKYACTIV-Drive 6-speed powertrains see a marginal increase in power output and torque, from the previous M6. For the 2.0l output and torque are up from 144 hp to 153 hp and 184 Nm to 200Nm, while the 2.5 gets significant up-the-ante ratings from 168 hp to 185 hp and 226 to 250 Nm. Boosted by new technologies such as the i-ELOOP, i-STOP and i-ACTIVSENSE, the new M6 is indeed a state-of-the-art large sedan on the road.

As one of the higher class D-segment variants, the new M6 offers a generous cabin, ample leg room and an adequate boot space (up to 438L), quite comparable to some of its rivals’ large sedans. The M6 is instilled a driver-focused cockpit. touch-screen with GPS and reverse camera, xenon headlights (2.5 version only), 11-speaker BOSE system (2.5), multi-function steering with tiptronic shifters (2.5), Karakuri cover (2.5) and dual-zone air-conditioning.

Based on first observations, the new M6’s pick-up and top-end speeds could match, even better that of the current popular D-segment cars like the Camry, Accord and even certain German marques’ large sedans. Sprinting from 0-100km/h was virtually seamless on the new M6, we reckoned the zero to hundred dash to easily be accomplished in under 8.5 – 9 seconds. Though the car was relatively new, having arrived from the Port only a few days before; we still managed to reach a top speed of 200km/h on the freeways on route to Bkt Tinggi.

On regular roads, the new M6’s i-ELOOP worked its magic by converting brake energy into a few extra horsepowers for that extra boost whenever there were straight roads. Similarly, the i-STOP feature cut off the engine power when the car got into idle situations or at traffic lights, thus minimizing unnecessary consumption. A slight tap on the brake pedal or twitch of the transmission, the car instantly roared back to life. Only qualm was when i-STOP kicked in, the a/c compressor also halted. This could be strenuously difficult for some in the typically hot and humid Malaysian weather.

The new M6 gear changes were rather smooth, thanks to the SKYACTIV Technology and its close-ratio gear configuration. In particular, the car switched quickly during pick up, but had a slight delay after the 3rd gear onwards. Mazda, through the SKYACTIV engine, has kept in perspective the fuel consumption of the new M6 from the previous variant. The new M6 2.0l provides a JC08 mode test cycle of 17.4 km/l and the top-of-the-line M6 offers a more convincing 15.6 km/l.

Overtaking cars or instantaneous boost to get out of tight situations was easier when we down-shifted via the tiptronic on the 2.5 variant or the semi-auto mode on the 2,0 variant, either way the car’s impeccable handling and stability should get anyone around bends, corners effectively, with the solemn car control one would assuredly experience. The car’s suspension setup felt medium between hard and soft, and here’s where the SKYACTIV chassis plays its role. The driving dynamics is perfected as the suspension and steering systems are aligned well to achieve both lighther weight and rigidity. Factor in the front MacPhersons struts and rear multi-link, the driver of the new M6 should have the confidence to tackle high speeds, sharp bends or just about anything at low to mid-range speeds.

The car’s front ventilated and rear solid disc brakes were effective on most conditions during our drive up the Berjaya Hills resort. In addition, stopping power of the new M6 relies on the ABS, EBD, Hill Launch Assist, Brake Assist (BA), and the car’s intuitively inclined to the i-ACTIVSENSE program, which comprises Adaptive Front Lighting system, Rear-vehicle Monitoring, Lane Departure Warning system, High Beam control and Smart City Brake system. A brief demonstration was performed on the new M6’s Smart City Brake system which entailed the car’s imminent stopping capability at a speed of <30km/h.

The new Mazda6 is available for view and test drive at selected Bermaz/Mazda Malaysia showrooms in the Klang Valley. Test drive the “Engineered for the Passionate” New Mazda 6 to believe it! The new Mazda6 pre-launched or estimated prices are RM187,659.30 (2.5) and 159,440.20 (2.0) On-The-Road with insurance.

all-new-mazda6-impressions-3 is proud to bring you the very best of the all-new Mazda6. The new Mazda6 images were shot on locations: on route to Bkt Tinggi, Berjaya Hill Resort, Colmar Tropicate at the Bukit Tinggi vicinity.