Another Season for the Manufacturer Backed Grassroots Racing

Toyota has been entering high profile international races like World Endurance Championship (WEC), World Rally Championship (WRC), and Dakar Rally in past years with resounding accomplishments. To continue support grassroots motorsport in Malaysia, Toyota Malaysia has decided to continue a third season of Toyota Gazoo Racing (TGR) Festival that features the Vios One-Make-Race. A grassroot racing platform.

With season 2 being a success for attracting more than 150,000 fans and 1.1 million online viewers through the running of four rounds and eight races, Toyota decides to get season 3 of the TGR Festival started in early September, with the 1st location being in the east coast State of Tertenganu.

In Season 3, the series should get more exciting with 3 classes of drivers in 3 categories (Promotional, Sporting, and Super Sporting). In the promotional class, the amateur drivers include Shukri Yahaya, Shawn Lee, Nabil Ahmad, Khai Bahar, Nabila Razali, Wany Hasrita, Janna Nick and Diana Danielle (last season’s champion). There are two newbies joining the series, Ain Edruce and Syafiq Kyle. UMW Toyota Motor’s Vice President Akio Takeyama is also partaking in the series for a third season.

Apart for on-track action at this year’s TGR Festival, Toyota will also continue to support the racing simulation base event, Gazoo Racing Velocity E-Sports Series. Contestant can sign up for free to try out and test your wits against other competitors. There are prizes to win too.

Lastly, Toyota hinted to us that they are planning to have the Gazoo Racing Garage in Malaysia that will showcase a line-up of special models from Toyota’s motorsports. With that, the 1st car that will join is none other than the Toyota GR Supra. This is expected around September, during the kick off of the first race. Stay tuned, and we’ll keep you guys posted on the anticipated arrival of the amaxing GR Supra.

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