The anticipated and soon-to-be-available Lexus NX SUV has a unique design that is more inclined towards sportscars than your regular 4X4s. The trick behind the radical SUV, Crossover design is to make a big visual statement with muscular curves and agile angles, based on Lexus’ L-finesse design language.

Exterior-wise, the Lexus NX has a low sloping roofline and cab-forward silhouette. The signature spindle grille is complimented by the bulging wheel arches and expressive body lines. An angular shape, forged from a single piece metal, makes the Crossover look distinctive from any variant in its segment. After all, the Lexus NX does have the most distinctive “face” across the brand’s current line-up, thanks to a forward thrust-shaped front fascia of the spindle grille with those remarkable LED headlights and DRLs (Daytime Running Light).

All-new Lexus NX SUV is Distinctively Stunning in its own segment and right

The C-pillar has a wide angle to maximise internal storage width. The crouched look is linked to the NX’s good ramp-over angle performance, and the fact the high point of the roof is set rearward ensures good headroom for rear passengers. Door mirrors and handles have ‘air-cheating’ design, while the handles actually conceal the key barrel, and each has an integrated LED illumination.

A rear spoiler was essential to create a smooth flow of air away from the back of the vehicle, and extensive wind tunnel testing revealed that the best results came from giving the leading edge of the fin an upturned lip, a detail that stands out as a design accent while also helping secure the NX a low (0.33) coefficient of drag.

The Lexus NX SUV is presented with a combination of a structural cabin, and plenty of luxurious interior trimmings. Integral interior touches include functional materials and textures, they consist a driver’s cockpit that features HMI (Human Machine Integration) technology, soft leather kneepads on either side of the center console, and the best-in-class cabin space. There are ample storage compartments around the cabin and a front-to-rear distance of 962 millimeters with an exceptional head clearance thanks to the NX’s high roof design. The rear knee room is even greater than in some larger SUV variants. Luggage space is increased to a maximum loadspace width of 1,347mm, and under the luggage board, total luggage capacity is 555 liters f or the NX hybrid version or 580 liters on the turbo petrol version.

Lexus NX SUV set for October release in selected countries

Available from October, the all-new Lexus NX is set to be a formidable variant in the brand’s line-up. Lexus has plans to increase the NX’s versions in due time, which would include the 2.0-liter petrol turbo NX 200t version.