Atmosphere Drive by Amway hits the road

Amway has introduced Atmosphere Drive, its first-generation car air treatment system designed to offer consumers fresh and clean air while on the go. Priced at RM1,887.50 (with GST) and scheduled to debut locally next month, the new release will be available for purchase through the brand’s distributors from 15 November.



A technological construct dedicated specifically to combating impurities, its three-in-one filtration capabilities work to capture such large contaminants as hair and dust. Then, enabling a second stage of purification that targets PM2.5 and other major airborne pollutants, the product also removes small particulates as well as smoke.

Targeting families with young children, further benefits include the elimination of unsavoury odours from inside the vehicle (strong-smelling foods) and an immediate reduction of the hazardous effects of tobacco and exhaust fumes as well as key chemicals toxins like formaldehyde, toluene, and other volatile organic compounds.

Explaining that the air inside a vehicle can be up to 15 times worse than outdoor air, Amway Director of Durables Product Development and Support, Bill Luke, commented: “The unit maintains a high level of industry performance by effectively reducing 99 percent of airborne particles inside your vehicle down to 0.015 microns.”


With 93 percent of Malaysians believed to own a car, the offering holds promise in that it allows users to go about their daily commute worry-free. When probed on how the invention is steering the critical conversation around the importance of air quality, Luke told that brand research has affirmed demand.

“With a Clean Air Delivery Rate of 30m³ per hour at maximum speed, the new Atmosphere Drive system provides proven performance. Also, it is the first and only car air treatment system in the market to have been awarded the Allergy UK Seal of Approval,” emphasised Leong Kok Fong, Head of Marketing for Amway Malaysia.

A medical non-profit, the British Allergy Foundation collaborates with manufacturers worldwide to promote the advantages of appliances which benefit people affected by allergies. Products that receive its seal of approval will have undergone scientific testing by an independent laboratory based on protocols by allergy specialists.


Now in the preliminary stages of its premiere, the variant is available in the colour black, which Amway suggests is “universally elegant.” The possibility of a wider palette is a decision the company will further evaluate. Other Asian markets to feature said product are such as Taiwan, Indonesia, China, and the Philippines, to name a few.


Text: Deborah Joy Peter

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