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Toyota C-HR’s Hits and Misses

The Hit and Miss SUV – Toyota C-HR The Toyota C-HR has been a long awaited SUV to arrive to local shores since it was first showcased at the 2014 Paris Motor show as a Concept. It took a while for it to go into production after it garnered some rave reviews by the motoring world. Toyota Malaysia brought in the C-HR for distribution last year and it took a while for the model to get the people to desire for it. One of the more underrated models in Toyota’s line-up, we’ve decided to take the C-HR out for... Read More

Wiesmann Project Gecko by 2020

German Sportscar brand Wiesmann on its return has announced its Project Gecko Super car, scheduled for debut in 2020. The Project Gecko car will be engineered and built at the original Wiesmann factory in Dülmen, Germany. Project Gecko is the perfect mix of continuity and contemporary. Many of the elements that gave the Wiesmann MF5 a cult following, such as the distinctive design and premium features would remain, while key changes like the New platform utilizing lightweight technologies are implemented. The new tech help increase performance and ensure the car is fit for the future. The look of Project... Read More

Honda Road to 900K unit campaign Grand Finale

As previously featured, Honda Malaysia is observing its 900,000th car milestone with a grand finale planned for 28 – 29 September at the Bukit Jalil Stadium. In a big do, Honda has charted out family fun-filled activities for visitors at this festive occasion. Honda will also present a lucky winner with brand new car at the event. Citizens from all walks of life are invited to visit the Honda ‘Road to 900,000th Unit Milestone’ Grand Finale.   One of the major highights include the “Frontier of Innovation” showcase which exhibits Honda’s Next Generation Technologies such as Sport Hybrid i-DCD... Read More

Vision EQS is the Mercedes-Benz’s Vision of the Future

One of the main highlights for Mercedes-Benz at the Frankfurt Motor Show is the zero-emission Mercedes-Benz Vision EQS show car. With a catchy tagline ‘Lasting beauty that moves’, the Vision EQS depicts the Three-point Star’s future of high-quality vehicles and self-determined driving The Mercedes-Benz Vision EQS Concept has a ‘one bow’ with free flowing yet expressively sculptured persona. There’s a clear color division at shoulder level creating the  impression of a “black panel” glass landscape. The effect is like its floating on the silver vehicle body. At a glance of the Vision EQS, there’s a striking EQ impression from... Read More

Proton line-up ready to face 2nd annual 1 Tank Challenge

National carmakers Proton is organizing the 1 Tank challenge for owners, for a second year. The event is set to begin tomorrow and prizes worth over RM100,000 await the winners. The 1 tank challenge isn’t Easy! Last season’s 1 Tank challenge was held in the Peninsular’s West coast. This time around, the challenge is set for East Malaysia, an arduous drive across the two largest States Sabah and Sarawak, with a grand final route to be held from the capital of the Kelantan state to the capital city of the Johor state.   This 1 tank challenge is Proton’s... Read More


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