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Vision EQS is the Mercedes-Benz’s Vision of the Future

One of the main highlights for Mercedes-Benz at the Frankfurt Motor Show is the zero-emission Mercedes-Benz Vision EQS show car. With a catchy tagline ‘Lasting beauty that moves’, the Vision EQS depicts the Three-point Star’s future of high-quality vehicles and self-determined driving The Mercedes-Benz Vision EQS Concept has a ‘one bow’ with free flowing yet expressively sculptured persona. There’s a clear color division at shoulder level creating the  impression of a “black panel” glass landscape. The effect is like its floating on the silver vehicle body. At a glance of the Vision EQS, there’s a striking EQ impression from... Read More

Proton line-up ready to face 2nd annual 1 Tank Challenge

National carmakers Proton is organizing the 1 Tank challenge for owners, for a second year. The event is set to begin tomorrow and prizes worth over RM100,000 await the winners. The 1 tank challenge isn’t Easy! Last season’s 1 Tank challenge was held in the Peninsular’s West coast. This time around, the challenge is set for East Malaysia, an arduous drive across the two largest States Sabah and Sarawak, with a grand final route to be held from the capital of the Kelantan state to the capital city of the Johor state.   This 1 tank challenge is Proton’s... Read More

New Toyota Corolla set for unveiling soon

Toyota Malaysia under the stewardship of UMW Toyota Motor, today announced the soon-to-be-launched Toyota Corolla. As always, the next-generation Toyota Corolla, also known as Corolla Altis locally, is available for bookings at Toyota dealerships nationwide, from 12 September. The unveiling of the New Toyota Corolla is expected to be sometime in the fourth quarter. The New Toyota Corolla will be offered in two variants, 1.8G and 1.8E versions. Its estimated starting prices are RM136,888 and RM128,888, respectively. Corolla has been a household name for Toyota in this country since mid-70s. Corollas have been assembled domestically since 1950s. Fast forward... Read More

Shell initiates crackdown on counterfeit lubricants

Shell Malaysia has initiated a nationwide crackdown on illegal lubricants, according to a latest press statement. This crackdown involves local enforcement agencies. As a major player in the country’s Oil & Gas industry, Shell has a general knowledge on loopholes of fake or counterfeit lubricants in the market. The fakes or non-genuine lubricants in the black market are directly impacting the industry and to a major degree, the Shell brand . In 2018, Shell conducted laboratory tests on a random sample of products sold online and in hypermarkets that claimed to be genuine Shell products. The lab test results... Read More

Updated Mazda6 on tour at Local mall

The Mazda flagship sedan Mazda6 with minor enhancements is currently on tour at the Bangsar Shopping Center in the capital city. From 11 – 15 September, potential buyers are advised to drop in on the Mazda roadtour to view the Mazda6 and a myriad new models like the Mazda3 and CX-5. Not to be missed are the unbeatable deals from Mazda at this roadtour! Refresh for 2019   From the get-go, Mazda flagship sedan is a CBU (Completely Build-up) model from Japan. Hence, the somewhat premium price structure with a starting price of RM  173,659. There are three variants... Read More


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