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Volvo declares Global sales spike

Volvo Cars have declared an uptrend in global sales as overall figures picked up 3.7 percent compared to the past year. Like all Continental marques, Volvo cars have the huge Chinese market to thank for its fourth consecutive month spike and 50.1 percent hike in October alone. Total global sales in units is reflected at 36,127.

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Overall spike for Volkswagen Group

Following the recent 2014 Polo Sedan announcement, Volkswagen Group Malaysia (VWGM) has released an update on the Group’s financial data for the first nine months of the year. Although the year has been a slow down for most automotive marques, Volkswagen Group’s overall uptrend has proven quite the opposite.

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Alfa Romeo 4C is delivered to first five customers at Balocco test track

Alfa Romeo today delivered the first five 4C ‘Launch Edition’ cars at their Balocco test center. The recently introduced Alfa Romeo 4C lightweight sport coupe is limited to only 500 units in the globe. Pierluigi De Silvestro from Switzerland, Philippe Walch from France, Carlos Diniz from Deutschland (Germany), Aldo Mariani from the Netherlands and Italian Stefano Zanotti are the first five proud owners of the Alfa Romeo 4C.

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