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Automotive and Technology: Converging for a Better World

Cars are becoming more sophisticated as technology progresses rapidly. Gone are the days when you picked out a CD and jammed to your favorite tunes. These days, you enabled the Bluetooth on your phone or smart device, or attach a USB cable to your phone and you’re all set to go…before the dawning of autonomous driving. Car connectivity has become a word on its own thanks to the collaboration between the automotive industry major technology companies. The purpose, aside from connectivity, is to deliver the most advanced, safest and most comfortable vehicles out there. Cars are becoming large smart... Read More

SST: What does it mean for you when buying a car? 

he Sales Service Tax (SST) is upon us as major car brands get into a mad rush to implement new prices for their products and services.  All new cars come with a 10% sales tax, while service and maintenance gets a 6% hike across the board. The rational for SST isn’t really rocket science. Governed by the Sales Tax Act 2018 and the Service Tax Act 2018, the Sales Tax was a federal consumption tax imposed on a wide variety of goods while the Service Tax was levied on customers who consumed certain taxable services. The effects of SST... Read More


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