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5 must know facts about the new 2019 Mitsubishi Triton

Its no secret, Malaysians love their pickup trucks. Unlike the pure utilitarian and strictly workhorse nature of their previous iterations, the current crop of pick up trucks are nothing short of a style statement. Nissan’s Navara offers a fully independent rear end and comfortable leather cabin, Ford’s Ranger comes with the stylish Wildtrek guise and the frankly mad Ranger Raptor set up too. Even the Hilux is extremely refined and a far cry from its Mad Max like origin. Now it’s Mitsubishi Malaysia’s lone hero, the Triton to undergo its share of changes. This year we finally get to... Read More

Shell’s Win a Trip Contest : Where your next fuel bill could win you your dream vacation

One of the biggest running costs of car ownership is your fuel bills. With most Malaysian’s spending at least an hour in their cars every day for their daily commute, fuel bills can be hefty, especially when the fuel prices fluctuate. This takes a toll on everything else you wanted to do including that dream vacation you always wanted to go on. Shell Malaysia however has come up with a solution where you will be able to still make it to that dream vacation even if you spend your entire paycheck on fuel. Enter the ‘Win a trip with... Read More


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