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The Premium B-segment Sedan– Mercedes Benz A200 Sedan

B-segment has always been the segment of cars where buyers are looking to upgrade from a smaller car, but didn’t have the budget to go all-out for a c-segment car. This is the reason why the b-segment cars are built to be slightly smaller than a c-segment car, but still having the practicality of their larger counterpart. View Gallery The Mercedes Benz A-class sedan is one of the car that fits into the b-segment vehicle, but it comes with a premium price tag since it’s a Mercedes Benz. We’ve gotten a chance to have a go with the latest... Read More

Ticking All The Right Boxes – Volvo S90 T5

In recent years, Volvo have been on the roll to refresh and rebrand themselves in Malaysia by bringing in a whole host of new cars. On the 30th October 2018, the Volvo S90 T5 Momentum is being introduced in our local shores. On paper, the Volvo S90 T5 seems to be ticking all the right boxes for the spec as a premium car that is sold in Malaysia. Let’s see how the car fare in real life, and did it really tick all the right boxes of a modern day car? View Gallery The Volvo S90 carries the new... Read More

Best Combination of Hatchback and SUV – Mazda CX-30

Mazda have been busy building SUVs to fulfill the market, this is due to the market craving for SUVs have been on the rise within these few years. Different manufacturers are producing different SUV size to fit into different categories, and one of the newest category is called the crossovers. Crossovers basically blurred the lines between a SUV and hatchback, and the best example is the recently launched Mazda CX-30. View Gallery During the recent festive season, we were given the chance to test out the latest Mazda CX-30. On the outside, the Mazda CX-30 looks like a more... Read More

10th Generation Honda Accord Order Books Now Opens

From 14th February 2020 onwards, the order books for the All-New 10th generation Honda Accord is now open across all 100 Honda dealership nationwide. The 10th generation Honda Accord is expected to be launch in Malaysia in the 1st quarter of 2020. Honda Accord was first debuted back in 1976 as Honda’s second global model. It is known for its premium appeal and styling that has earned its fame globally. Closer to home, the Accord was first launched in Malaysia back in 2001 and became a highly sought-after model with more than 84,100 units sold to-date. The model continued... Read More

SDAC-Ford celebrates Chinese New Year with A-FORCE 4×4 Club’s Charity Event

Rumah Caring Kajang received blessing during this Chinese new year through a recent A-Force 4×4 Mega Charity Event, sponsored by Sime Darby Auto ConneXion (SDAC), the sole distributor for Ford in Malaysia. As part of the sponsorship, SDAC-Ford donated a 32” LED TV to enrich the lives of the residents at the home. On top of the contribution made by SDAC-Ford, the club offered food, essential items as well as angpao donations to the residents. During the event, residents were also treated to a lion dance performance. “Club members and their activities truly represent the Ford Ranger way of... Read More


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