Behind The Wheel: BMW 520i Luxury And BMW 530e M-Sport

Behind the wheel is where we review a car base on the driving aspect of a car. This time round we take a look at 2 different car, the BMW 520i Luxury and BMW 530e M-Sport

The BMW 5-series have always been one of those car that people buy to show that they’ve made it in life. In order to attract younger buyers, BMW made the large sedan even sleeker than before. The car is overall a bigger car than the previous generation 5-series. This new 5-series is a very handsome car, the body lines are masculine yet elegant. The long hood and short boot design made the car looks very sporty.

Seating into the driver seat, the 1st thing that will capture your attention is the body hugging front seats. The side bolsters are thick to keep you in place when you’re driving. The thick steering wheel also indicates that the 5-series is going to be a sporty sedan when you’re driving it.

Under the hood, the 520i Luxury and 530e M-Sport comes with the same 2.0L turbocharge 4 cylinder engine that produces 184bhp at 5,000 to 6,500 rpm and 290Nm of torque at 1,350 and 4,250 rpm. As for the 530e, there is the additional hybrid system that provided an additional 113bhp and 250Nm of torque, which gives the 530e a total output of 252bhp and 420Nm of torque. To transmit the power to the ground, both cars comes with the 8-speed automatic transmission that comes from ZF.

On the go, the 530e definitely felt more powerful, but batteries needs to be juiced up to be able to enjoy the full potential on the hybrid setup. Focusing on the 2.0L engine alone, the engine have more than sufficient to bring this large sedan up to speed. With the 8-speed transmission, the 5-series is ready to munch up the miles when you’re taking it long distance. The transmission also shifts buttery smooth, no odd judders can be felt.

BMW is always known for being a great handling vehicle, both the 520i and 530e did not disappoint at all. Fitted with double wishbone setup and multilink at the rear, the suspension strikes a good balance between sporty and comfort. It absorbs road imperfection with ease, and it prevent unwanted jolts from road imperfection to sip into the cabin.

As for the 530e, due to the 200kg that comes from the hybrid system, the suspension has been stiffen up slightly to accommodate the extra weight. When taking corners, the weight shifts is quite prominent, you do feel the weight being thrown around when taking corners; on the other hand, the 530e is a lot more stable when exiting a corner partly due to the weight of the car, and partly also because of the wider rear tyres.

In order to complement the suspension, the electric power steering that is fitted in both of the 5-series are quick in changing direction and are very direct. As electric power steering is becoming a norm, companies like BMW still manage to engineer a certain degree of steering feel into the system to allow the driver to gauge the grip level of the front tyres.

Bringing the car to a stop, both of the 5-series uses ventilated disc front and rear that provided more than sufficient braking performance. Being an electrified 5-series, the 530e braking system do need some time to get used to as the regenerative braking will kick in 1st before the actual brakes kicked in.

Priced at RM 328,800 for the 520i and RM 338,800 for the 530e respectively, both cars are great large German sedan. It’s one of those sedan that will make you look back after you park up the car. Pair with the driving dynamics of a BMW, both the 5-series will not disappoint you regardless which car you choose. My personal gripe is, when will BMW include Android Auto and Apple Carplay? Its already 2020.

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