Behind The Wheel: Mercedes Benz GLC 300

The Mercedes Benz GLC has been a very successful SUV since its launch. This is particularly evident when you see plenty of GLCs running around Malaysian roads. In 2019, Mercedes actually updated the GLC with more toys to make the GLC more appealing, let’s find out how the new GLC 300 is like to drive.

From the outside, the original shape of the GLC is remains the same. For the updated model, Mercedes Benz made the new GLC300 look more masculine and meaner, but still retain that elegance that only can be seen on a Mercedes Benz. The biggest changes on the updated GLC is the new LED headlights and taillights design.

The LED headlights on the new GLC is the Multibeam LED headlights that will give you the maximum viewing distance by controlling individual LED bulbs inside the headlights. Which means driving at night, you’ll be able to see the high beams dance around in the dark.

As for the interior, the GLC shares the same dashboard design as the regular C-class. The interior is very classy in a Mercedes fashion, and the ambient lights will turn the interior into a cozy place to be especially night. For the facelifted GLC, it has been blessed with the MBUX system that comes with digital instrument cluster brings the updated car in line with the other Mercedes Benz models.

Sitting in the driver seat, you can get comfortable pretty easily as there are plenty of seat adjustment and lumbar support for the driver to adjust. There are good side bolster to keep the driver snug in place during cornering. As for steering wheel, I would love to have a thicker steering wheel to hold on to give you a sense of confidence

Under the hood, the GLC comes with an inline 4, 2-liter engine that produces 254bhp at 6,100rpm and 370Nm of torque from as low as 1,300rpm. Power is sent to all the wheels through a 9-speed automatic transmission.

The power plant in the GLC have decent performance to bring a large SUV like the GLC up to speed with ease. During daily commute, the engine and transmission pairing works seamlessly to send power to the tarmac. If the mood for some spirited driving arose, the engine have more than sufficient power to give you the thrills. On the downside, the turbo lag is quite prominent when you take into consideration that this is a single turbo power unit.

When the road gets twisty, expect plenty of mechanical grip from the GLC especially being paired with the 4 Matic system that will separate the torque to wheels on demand. Another contribution to the high level of grip is that the GLC 300 comes with large 20-inch wheels that has wide contact patch.

On top of the all-wheel-drive system, the suspension also plays a part in keeping the SUV on the roads. The GLC comes equipped with multilink suspension for front and rear setup, while the dampers are tuned by AMG. Being an AMG tuned suspension means that the suspension has a sporty setup and it can be a tad on the firmer side to keep the GLC flat through the corners.

Speaking about corners, it is important for the driver to get feedback from the front wheels to make precise adjustment. The electric power steering in the GLC is quick and precise, and there are decent steering feedback transferred to the wheel to give the driver confidence when driving.

In order to slow down the GLC, Mercedes has fitted perforated brake disc up front and ventilated disc at the rear that provide decent braking performance. When cruising, the cabin of the GLC stays calm and quiet, but some tyre noise do creep into the cabin due to the larger wheels of the GLC.

In conclusion, the GLC 300 is no doubt the GLC is a good SUV to drive around. If you have RM350,000 around, you can consider getting a GLC if you are into the trend of buying a SUV over an E-class. It is a very practical vehicle, but still manage to carry the elegance of a Mercedes.

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