Best mid-range tyre for Passenger cars: Michelin Energy XM2+

Tyres are one of the most important parts of your vehicle, but it can be a challenge when trying to look for the right one. Questions like “How will it perform in the rain?” or “Will it keep me safe in emergency situations?” and the most important of all to us Malaysians, “How much ah? Can last long or not?”.

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Michelin, the world’s leading tyre company, has the answer to all these questions with the unveiling of their new Michelin Energy XM2+. These tyres are targeted for young and budget-conscious consumers who look for tyres with safety and performance that lasts. An improvement to their predecessors, the Michelin Energy XM2+ is made with a new full-silica rubber compound that boast to provide shorter wet braking distances by 1.5 meters when new, and 2.6 meters when worn, compared to the average of other premium tyre manufacturers.

Looks good on paper right? Naturally we went to take a look for ourselves when Michelin invited us to test out these new tyres. They showcased the Michelin Energy XM2+ with two tests which was dubbed as the Gymkana test, a short but wet obstacle course littered with tight cornering, and the emergency brake test which required us to take the test car from 80+km/h to a dead stop. Each of these tests was accompanied with a few test vehicles fitted with the new Michelin Energy XM2+ and two other competitor brands.

In the Gymkana test, I’d  say the tyres gripped really well even in the wet which instilled me with the confidence to take the tight corners relatively fast and with ease compared to its competitors. The emergency brake test saw that the new Michelin Energy XM2+ was able to stop faster as compared to its competitors which is vital in an emergency situation. Aside from the amazing grip and stopping power, the tyre also offers longer mileage that outlasts other premium tyre manufacturers by 25%. At the end of the day, I’d dare say that these tyres are definitely one of the viable options out there for anyone who is looking for well-priced tyres without compromising on safety.

The new Michelin  Energy XM2+ is now available at TyrePlus and all authorized dealers across the nation in 32 sizes, from 14- to 16-inch diameter sizes.

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By Izzat Shaharel

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