Best Selling Axia in the Range – The Perodua Axia G Xtra

Since 2014, Perodua have been selling the cheapest car in Malaysia, the Perodua Axia. Starting from just only RM 24,600, it’s the car that most family can afford regardless for new drivers or a second car at home. For RM 24,600, the car you’re looking at is the base spec Perodua Axia with a manual transmission. Most buyers would definitely avoid the base spec Axia, the spec that have decent creature comfort and the most appealing to most buyers is the Axia G Xtra spec. Let’s take a look what makes the Perodua Axia G Xtra so appealing to buyers?

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Axia is a car that you can spot around your neighborhood easily. The look of the Axia is plain and simple, and it’s the epitome of budget car look. For the facelift, the exterior changes is kept to a minimal, as the front halogen headlights and LED taillights, and the 175/65 R14 tyres and rim are all brought forward for from the pre-facelift cars.

Inside the Axia is basic, and you can definitely feel that every component inside the car is made to last. Hard plastics are the usual materials that find their ways into the cars at this price point. Surprisingly, the PVC on the steering wheel do feel soft in certain angle. There’s no adjustment for the steering wheel, making getting into comfortable sitting position a little hard for big size people like me.

The seats in the Axia is do get height adjustment, but it doesn’t go low enough to clear my thigh between the seat bottom and steering wheel. When you’re doing hard cornering, the seats itself do not five much support, our advice is to hold on tight as you might end up on your passenger’s lap. The rear seats are good to hold 2 persons for any short or long journey; if trying to fit 3 people, it can be quite the squeeze at the rear seats.

The rear seat back can be fold down as a whole to expand the 260L of cargo space in the rear. Going back to the dashboard, the G Xtra comes with a amber backlit instrument cluster with a monotone LCD screen to display all the crucial information about the car. The Instrument cluster is simple and easy to read.

Moving to the center of the dashboard, there are some silver trims surrounding the head unit and the manual Air Condition controls to brighten up the interior of the Axia. The head unit for the Axia G Xtra is a basic head unit with only USB input. Perodua could make the car more appealing by adding Bluetooth to the head unit. Owners could also do that after getting the car, but is better if it’s from the factory.

Storage compartment in the Perodua Axia is decent, you can find 2 cup holders, a shallow spot you can store items under the handbrake, and another cup holder behind it. The glove box and door pockets are deep, but the opening for the door pockets is quite narrow for my big hand to fit in. other addition, Perodua fitted their trademarked handbag hook, and the plastic bag hook on both the front seat to improve the safety and security of the car for the ladies.

Safety system on the Perodua Axia is sufficient, but not great. There are 2 airbags, Anti-lock Braking System (ABS), Electronic Brake-force Distribution (EBD), Vehicle Stability Control (VSC), Traction Control (TRC), and 2 rear ISOFIX as standard which are the bare minimum to have for cars sold in the 2019.

To get the Axia moving, there is the trusty 1.0L 3 cylinder engine that pushes out 50kW at 6,000rpm and 91Nm at 4,200rpm and mated to a 4 speed automatic transmission which is shared across all the range apart for the base spec Axia which uses a manual transmission. The engine vibration is a little intrusive during idling, which is the characteristic of a 3 cylinder engine.

With the Perodua Axia G Xtra weighing in at 850kg, the engine is sufficient in handling the weight of the car around the city. Going uphill, we would recommend to take it easy, as when the engine and transmission is being put on high load, there will only be loud engine noise but no significant gain of speed. The Axia is definitely a very frugal car, as only about 10L fuel have been consumed while going up and down Genting with enthusiasm.

The Suspension on the Perodua Axia is a simple McPherson strut upfront and torsion beam at the rear setup, which is enough to absorb bumps and uneven roads, but the car do hops around when going over the uneven roads at speed. Body roll will prevent the car to corner at high speed,  but this is to be expected for car such a price. The electrical power steering is quite heavy for such a small car, but it does give some sense of stability for a light car like the Axia during highway drives.

Front disc brakes and rear drum brakes provides decent stopping power for the Perodua Axia. The NVH level in the Axia is expected in a budget segment car, driving the car above 80km/h, wind and road noise start sipping in. The Perodua Axia feels very comfortable when driven at 80km/h, which is suitable for city driving.

Priced at RM 34,990, the Perodua Axia G Xtra is the variant that is strikes a good balance between value and vehicle specification, that is why it is one of the best selling variant in the Perodua Axia variant. The Perodua Axia G Xtra will be even more appealing if the head unit comes with Bluetooth availability. At this price, you do get the Axia G Xtra with 5 years or 150,000km warranty coverage. The Perodua Axia G Xtra can be bought in Ivory White, Glittering Silver, Lava Red, and Midnight Blue.

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