BMW X6 in Vantablack goes on show at Frankfurt Motor Show

BMW will bring forth the X6 Vantablack in its third-generation guise at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September. It’s the first model in the world to take up Vantablack hue. Vantablack VBx2 nanostructure paint finish highlights the expressive design language and confident, dominant and muscular appearance of the new BMW X6. This exclusive show car is the result of a collaboration between BMW and Surrey NanoSystems, the inventors of the Vantablack technology.

Vantablack or extreme black stands for Vertically Aligned Nano Tube Array, a matrix made out of carbon. Each of these carbon nanotubes has a length of 14 to 50 micrometers, with a diameter of 20 nanometres, making it around 5,000 times thinner than a human hair. This technology was initially developed for coating space-borne components. As Vantablack can be applied at temperatures from as low as 430 degrees Celsius, it is suitable for delicate materials such as aluminium, and optical components coated in Vantablack enable observation of faint stars and distant galaxies that stray light from the sun makes difficult to detect.

BMW X6 Vantablack highlights

With design highlights like the optional Iconic Glow kidney grille, distinctive twin headlights and striking taillights, the 3rd-gen BMW X6 provides fascinating contrasts to offset the Vantablack VBx2 paint finish, which changes the viewer’s visual perception of an object’s three-dimensional shape to 2-D.

In addition, its advanced powertrain and chassis technology combines with numerous innovations to provide a uniquely sporty yet luxurious driving experience. Like its predecessors, the new X6 is produced at the BMW plant in Spartanburg in the United States.

Vantablack turns objects to 2-D and it blots out virtually all the design details and highlights. For this reason, the BMW X6 was coated in the VBx2 variant initially developed for use in architectural and scientific applications. This coating can be sprayed on and has a one-per-cent total hemispherical reflectance (THR), meaning it is still considered “super black” while enabling a small amount of reflection from every angle.

 The BMW X6 Vantablack gets its world debut at the 2019 Frankfurt Motor Show, from 12 to 22 September. The showroom launch will begin shortly afterwards, in November 2019.