Bosch "Technik fuers Leben" Bosch today announced its intentions to build the first Manufacturing facility in Indonesia. The Bosch initiative sees an injection of 10 million Euros as initial investment and part of the funds for the first phase of the first Bosch plant in the capital city of Jakarta.

Scheduled to commence operations by next year, Bosch is planning to recruit 120 employees for its new Indonesian facility.

Martin Hayes, Bosch’s President in the S.E.A. (South East Asia) region, commented, “The planned production facility will be a much-anticipated milestone to our operations in Indonesia, and for the expansion of our footprint in Southeast Asia.”

In efforts to ride the bandwagon of car manufacturers’ expanding capital expenditures  in the SEA, Bosch is intending to strengthen its footprint and offer its proven automotive manufacturing expertise to potential partners and customers.  Additionally, Bosch chooses Indonesia because car sales in the country has been on an up rise, and according to the Indonesian Automotive Industry Association, the country had experienced an 18 percent growth in sales in the first quarter the year.

“Japanese companies and also other global car manufacturers are increasing their capital expenditures overseas, particularly in emerging economies like Indonesia in Southeast Asia. Further enhancing our strong global footprint and with our long-lasting manufacturing competence, the Bosch Group is an essential partner for the global expansion of our international customers.” Herbert Hemming, President of Bosch Japan, testified.