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Bosch Automotive Aftermarket Malaysia today introduced the Get It Right Workshop as part of its ‘One Wrong Part Ruins Everything’ campaign. The campaign encourages drivers to think about their car use and emphasizes not to underestimate the importance of how the smallest parts within a vehicle can make a difference. Bosch Malaysia also took the opportunity to announce its new Bosch Advantage Wiper.

Having had extensive experience in designing and manufacturing quality wiper systems since 1927, Bosch released the new Advantage Wiper featuring an exclusive “tropicalized rubber” that is resistant to cracks and damage from long-term ozone and sunlight exposure. Specially engineered for Asia, even under the harsh weather conditions in Malaysia, the new Bosch Advantage Wipers are able to deliver exceptional wiping endurance, performing almost as well as it is first installed, even after 200,000 wipe cycles.

Equipped with an all-steel construction, the new Bosch Advantage Wiper provides superior corrosion resistance and all-weather protection. Highlighting its hassle-free feature, the new Bosch Advantage Wiper includes a highly compatible “Fast-fit” adaptor to suit more than 95% of vehicles in Asia.

At the same time, the Bosch ‘One Wrong Part Ruins Everything’ campaign is intended to assist motorists and reduce number of road accidents by equipping their cars with quality and reliable car parts, particularly with the upcoming festive period. The Get It Right workshop which was organized for the media featured a Start with Bosch DIY vehicle maintenance session where participants were taught typical vehicle maintenance routine, including checks on the engine oil level, brake fluid level, battery life cycle and condition of the wiper blades.

The new Bosch Advantage Wiper is now available for RM35 a pair at all authorized Bosch dealerships or major car accessories stores. Bosch Automotive Aftermarket offers an array of products such as the Bosch Advantage wiper, Iridium and Platinum Spark plug line-up, S Series car batteries, lubricants and more.

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