allcarschannel  Besides the highlighted new cars, electric vehicles, hybrids and ambassadors at KLIMS ’10 in PWTC, Car accessories and related products play a pivotal role at the 7th edition KLIMS. We highlighted Sonax as one of the main car detail brands at KLIMS yesterday.

Two of main car accessories exhibitors include; Blaupunkt and Ecotint, and the list does not stop here. Both brands are leaders in their particular markets. Blaupunkt is a well-established audio and mobile entertainment trademark in Malaysia. The German maker of mobile entertainment systems (found in Hall 1, Booth 1B34) has schemed up a light weight design of loud speakers which not only renders sharp sounds, it is also a fuel saver in comparison to most standard speakers.

The Blaupunkt neodymium speakers are 65% lighter in weight per unit compared to the big ferrite magnet material conventionally used to make speakers. Whilst these products are not currently available by direct consumer purchase, the items on display at KLIMS are those which various OEM car manufacturers in Europe and Asia are now incorporating into new car models.

Other Blaupunkt ‘green’ technologies you’ll discover are; the ECO Car Radio and stop-start audio amplifier.

Next up is Ecotint (on the entrance of Hall 3), a homebred car window tinting company with lots of heart. Ecotint goes a step further than the average window tinting, and their tagline for KLIMS ’10 is appropriately, “it’s not just a tint. It’s Ecotint!”

Mr Tan Yu Chai (above), Managing Director of Ecotint (M) Sdn Bhd commented, “We are very proud to display some of the best tinting technologies offered by Ecotint here at KLIMS ’10. We are introducing the Ecotint RayBarrier Signature Class for avid customers during the 10 days Motor show. And also lined up some surprises for customers who purchased our tinting packages at KLIMS.”

The Ecotint Raybarrier Signature Class window tinting utilizes breakthrough Japanese Single-Nano-Particle technology and is designed to effectively protect you from harsh UV-A radiation as well as UV-B radiation. With 58% sunlight radiation transmittance and 97% less heat-bearing NIR, the temperature in your car is maintained at a comfortable level. And hence, there is no need to turn your car air-conditioning on to max capacity for a cool down – the auto setting will do! And of course, if your air-con does not need to work as hard to level out the temperature of your car, it utilizes less energy. Consumers can look forward to fuel saving of between 3% – 5% with this product.

The KLIMS ’10 approaches its final two days and ends on Sunday, 12 December, auto enthusiasts and Malaysians from all walks of life should make a trip to this once every three years Motor show indefinitely.