allcarschannel  Castrol Malaysia last week kicked off the ‘See,Hear & Feel the Difference’ campaign as part of their annual engine lubricant promotions. The passenger car oil brand, known for its popular lubricant the Castrol Magnatec, put together the latest promo. campaign to inform customers about the benefits of its top lubricant range.

A Castrol ambassador shows off the AR app game
Utilizing the Augmented Reality technology, the Castrol ambassadors have the task to ‘engage and educate drivers on engine care in a fun and interactive way at designated 20 Castrol roadshows in the Klang Valley from December. Along with Castrol Magnatec Intelligent Molecules Defence roving team at the See,Hear & Feel the Difference campaign roadshows, the Castrol people will exhibit on how the Magnatec with intelligent molecules protect your car’s engine especially when starting the car, where up to 75% of engine wear happens. Once the Magnatec lube is applied and it’d cling to the vital parts of your engine, even when your engine is turned off; this provides an extra layer of protection during this critical time. At the same time, your car’s engine is instantly protected from the moment you push start or turn the ignition.

Screen shot of the Castrol Intelligent molecule defence app game
Castrol also revealed the Magnatec Intelligent Molecules Defence mobile app & game that’s designed to showcase the importance of Instant Protection for car engines. The mobile app and game, available on both Apple iOS and Android platform for mobile and tablet, allow users to play the exciting AR game and submit their scores where the highest scorers stand a chance to win numerous weekly & grand prizes.

The Castrol Magnatec Intelligent Molecules Defence app is available Castrol Magnatec is the result of almost 20 years of continuous development by the scientists and engineers at Castrol’s many technology centres around the globe. The latest development is the ‘ultra-refining’ of the key component that provides the clinging protection in Castrol Magnatec’s unique formulations. The engine tests dramatically showed the Castrol Magnatec effect – no complicated equipment was needed, the difference could be seen with the naked eye and felt with the fingertips. The result shows it dramatically reduces engine wear with instant protection that you can now see, hear and feel the difference. Following recent Castrol engine tests to investigate engine wear, cams, the components protected by Castrol Magnatec were up to 15 times smoother than those that used conventional lubes.

Catch the Castrol Ambassadors at your nearest ‘See, Hear & Feel the Difference’ roadshows to get your hands on mystery prizes, discount vouchers and more.