2013 Castrol Magnatec roadshow featuring Remote-Controlled-Engine-Rodeo_3 Engine lubricant specialists Castrol today announced its newest Magnatec campaign entitled ‘Be a Cling Hero’ – a campaign which is part of the televised ‘Engine Rodeo’ commercial and the Castrol Magnatec Intelligent molecules experience mobile application.

Through the years, Castrol Malaysia has indeed clinged on to plenty of Magnatec-related campaigns. This year, the ‘Be a Cling Hero’ campaign is slightly altered and directed at parents, and remains true to its general message which is to inform the citizens that the Castrol Magnatec lubricant provides unquestionable engine protection.

Castrol’s ‘Be a Cling Hero’

2013 Castrol Magnatec roadshow featuring Remote-Controlled-Engine-Rodeo_3

The Be a Cling Hero campaign, which is designed to provide an opportunity for parents to be a ‘Cling Hero’, will demonstrate Castrol Magnatec’s ‘CLING’ proposition through multiple touch points and showcase the importance of instant protection to drive home the message that up to 75% of engine wear happens mostly during warm up. It will further showcase that Castrol Magnatec is the solution to the problem and how Magnatec’s Intelligent Molecules cling to critical engine parts like magnets to ensure a car engine is instantly protected from the moment it starts.

As with previous years, Castrol M’sia has arranged special roadshows at selected popular malls to showcase the Magnatec’s Instant protection and disperse road safety messages to kids, complete with miniature cars and fun learning activities. The first roadshow hits the Aeon Bkt Indah shopping center, Johor Bahru from 23 – 25 August. At the Johor Bahru roadshow, Castrol M’sia will put up a Live Remote-controlled Engine Rodeo for the first time. Parents and their kids can participate as tag teams to tackle the Live remote-controlled engine rodeo at these Castrol roadshows.

Castrol Magnatec Intelligent Molecules exp. app

Apart from the ‘Engine Rodeo’ commercial, Castrol brought forth the Magnatec Intelligent Molecules Experience mobile app where one could take on the Virtual ‘Engine Rodeo’ Battle, cling on as long as they can by shaking and tilting the tablet device and find out who is the “Best Clinger” and stand the chance to win amazing prizes such as a family trip to Hong Kong Disneyland, Singapore Universal Studio and Samsung Galaxy S4. This app is free to download and available for both Apple iOs and Android mobile & tablet users.

2013 Castrol Magnatec roadshow featuring Remote-Controlled-Engine-Rodeo_5

So, get your saddles ready for the Castrol Magnatec Intelligent Molecules Experience app’s Virtual engine rodeo battle and the real thing at the Aeon Bkt Indah JB on the weekend of 23-25 August to stand a chance to grab very attractive prizes.