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Sony’s new in-car audio system now with added essential functions and technologies

Sony recently announced two new in-car audio systems, the XAV-AX200 and MEX-GS820BT. As an enhancement to the XAV-AX100 receiver, the XAV-AX200 DVD receiver offers the latest technology to make the most out of long car journeys, while the MEX-GS820BT works as a high power in-car receiver. Both technologies include the latest smartphone connectivity with exceptional user interface to use on-the-go.

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UMW Toyota Motor celebrates the debut of the Toyota Racing Festival at Batu Kawan, Penang

UMW Toyota Motor is gearing up for this weekend’s inaugural Toyota Racing Festival, in conjunction with the first-ever one-make race Vios Challenge, in a big way at Batu Kawan in the State Penang. Motorheads, racing fans and all are encouraged to arrive early to witness this extraordinary fan-fare at the Batu Kawan stadium,

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