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3M Total Innovative Solutions showcase at KLIMS 2013

Global technology conglomerate 3M thrilled visitors to the KLIMS 2013 with a showcase of its total innovative solutions for the automotive industry, stamping their presence as one of the largest players in aesthetics, performance and energy. Live demonstrations of 3M™ Scotchprint® Wrap Film, 3M™ Nano Safety AutoFilm, 3M™ Light String, 3M™ High Air Flow (HAF) Cabin Air Filter, 3M™ Tune-up kit and 3M™ Thinsulate Acoustic Insulation were setup at the 3M booth.

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World Premieres at LA Auto Show

Subaru has announced the world premiere of the WRX (U.S. Specifications) at the Los Angeles Auto show from 22 November till 1 December. Aside from the Subaru WRX, related world premieres for the LA Auto show include the BMW 4 Series Convertible, Land Rover long wheelbase Range Rover and Nissan Nismo Juke RS.

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Volvo declares Global sales spike

Volvo Cars have declared an uptrend in global sales as overall figures picked up 3.7 percent compared to the past year. Like all Continental marques, Volvo cars have the huge Chinese market to thank for its fourth consecutive month spike and 50.1 percent hike in October alone. Total global sales in units is reflected at 36,127.

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