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New concept EV extends Hyundai’s design philosophy “Sensuous Sportiness” to the next level Hyundai Motor Company will unveil its new concept EV, “Prophecy”, expressing the company’s latest design language, at the upcoming Geneva International Motor Show, on March 3, 2020. The concept will remain on display until March 15. In line with Hyundai’s “Sensuous Sportiness” design philosophy, the new concept embodies a beautiful silhouette accentuated by graceful curves flowing over broad rear flanks that provide excellent aerodynamics. The boat-tail line created by the rear quarter panels are complemented by the integrated spoiler and pixel lamp taillights. The name “Prophecy”... Read More

Honda Jazz with e:Hev advanced hybrid powertrain is set for roll out in Europe

The New Honda Jazz with e:Hev is set for sales roll out in Europe very soon. The e:Hev designation given, denotes the sub-compact’s impressive efficiency, comfort and usability. The e:HEV system comprises two compact electric motors connected to a 1.5-liter DOHC i-VTEC petrol engine, a lithium-ion battery and an innovative fixed-gear transmission via an intelligent power control unit. This gives it an output of 109 PS / 80kW and fuel economy of 62.8 mpg (WLTP) on the standard model and 110 g/km (WLTP) and 58.9mpg (WLTP) on the Crosstar (highest grade). The three drive modes available are EV Drive,... Read More

Volkswagen showcases best of all-electric cars and more at GP Ice Race

Volkswagen continues to break records with its latest offerings. The future for VW Is all about all-electric cars. The Volkswagen ID.R Beetle R, Beetle 1302 Salzburg and T-Roc R1 alongside the all-electric ID.R sports car and Golf R e-performance Concept were in the thick of the action for the GP Ice Race, last weekend in Austria. It was the 2nd edition of the GP Ice Race. The GP Ice Race is a showcase featuring a combination of motorsport and circuit on ice in the middle of the Alps. Volkswagen took to the Ice Race to put on a show... Read More

Mobile Charging Robots changing the way EVs charge

In the advent of the Electric Vehicle age, electric mobility is fast becoming a necessity rather than a luxury.  Volkswagen as one of the largest Automobile companies in the world has conceived a New mobile charging concept, in form of mobile robots. Imagine in the near future, instead of having to plug-in to a charging point yourself or find a charging port, a mobile robot will throttle over to your EV and autonomously charge it up for you… In fact, there’s no need to find charging stations at all when mobile robots become a reality. Volkswagen is confident that... Read More

Nissan LEAF NISMO RC: Where EV meets Motorsports

Nissan has came up with a race version of its best-selling LEAF for the very first time. It’s called the LEAF NISMO RC, indicating a perfect blend of the world of electric cars and motorsports. The LEAF has amassed about 450,000 units in global sales since its debut in 2010. There hasn’t been a race version of the LEAF until now. With Nismo onboard, the LEAF Nismo RC all-wheel drive, based on the first generation LEAF, gets a boost in power and torque to 322hp and 640Nm. This output enables a 0 – 100 km/h sprint in just 3.4... Read More

Hyundai KONA Electric Made it into the GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS™

The Hyundai Kona electric SUV made it into the prestigious Guinness World Records by reaching an altitude of 5,731 meters at the Sawula Pass in Tibet and comfortably breaking the previous record of 5,715.28 meters altitude by any electric car. The Hyundai Kona manages to prove itself that its a truly reliable electric vehicles even in extreme conditions. During the expedition the Kona Electric required to be driven through harsh weather conditions like low temperatures, continuous snowfall and icy tarmacs. The Electronic Stability Control (ESC) in KONA Electric ensured the stability of the Vehicle handling in all road conditions.... Read More

Six Perks that make owning an EV a no-brainer

Electric cars are expected to be more common in 2020 as major car manufacturers have already rolled out all-electric models in 2019, It could only become more evident in this decade as people are embracing all-electric cars or Electric Vehicles (EVs). Infrastructures for EVs would continue to expand and improve, especially in greater Europe and China, the leading EV country in Asia.  To further convince early adopters of EVs, here are the main reasons. Some of the major advantages of driving an EV are Zero-emissions, say goodbye to traffic jams, drive into city center minus the clutters, easy parking,... Read More

Sony Vision-S Concept takes limelight at CES 2020

At the 2020 CES (Consumer Electronics Show) in Las Vegas, Sony has announced its presence in future of mobility with the Vision-S EV Concept. The Vision-S Concept is based on three key pillars as its core foundation: Safety, Entertainment and Adaptability. This concept is a fusion of Sony’s technology and creativity. In looks, the Vision-S resembles a ‘Grand Tourer’s form with typical long hood, extended front bumper and a fastback, coupe-like rear. An elongated single Light strip, minus a front grille, integrates the slim LED headlights rather seamlessly. The profile is rather athletic with sculpted shoulder lines. From the... Read More


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