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Embracing Automotive Technology’s guide offers some tips on how to embrace technology and let technology steer you safe and sound when driving a car. In the age of everything Smart and Intuitive, technology becomes very apparent in everything we own, particularly in cars. The advent of the electrification gave birth to plug-in hybrids and all-electric cars, as most of you are familiar with Teslas, BMW e, Mercedes’ EQC and more. Electric cars are not yet a total reality, but it’s inevitable in due process. The current trend is all about mobile communication and navigation system. Several years ago, portable GPS systems... Read More

2019 Toyota Yaris is as good as it gets

We recently took possession of a new Toyota Yaris, courtesy of UMW Toyota Motor. The Yaris which mimics the Vios to the dot is as good as it gets for a sub-compact. Its outlook and overall package proves that Toyota Malaysia is on the right track to reclaim back the no. 1 spot for non-national brands. View Gallery With that goal in mind, Toyota M’sia not only introduce the new Toyota Vios with an overly expressive outlook and fully-loaded offerings, they also reworked the new Yaris to make sure it stands for a long term admiration by today’s youths.... Read More

Eight essentials to have in your Car

Do you own a car? Everyone does. Having a car means you need to upkeep it to serve you for a tenure until you decide to sell your car or upgrade to a new ride. You should know that a car needs these eight essential items in the trunk or cabin, at all times. Imagine if you’re stuck on the road or highway and your car broke down in the middle but your phone’s battery is dead. What would you do? In this case, you should always remember to bring your car charger with you at all times. Just... Read More

Debunking the Doubts about Electric Vehicles

Part 1 In a study by global Research company Frost & Sullivan on ‘Future of Electric Vehicles’ in Southeast Asia, we are now understand a little better about EV as we try to debunk some doubts about EVs. EV sales have increased 23x in the past five years and 37% potential buyers  in the S.E.A. region are considering EVs as a next car. The study indicated that one of three buyers is open to buying EV but have doubts about owning one. The main concerns about EVs are charging, range, driving and ownership, In the domestic market, Nissan Malaysia... Read More

Conquering The Not so Daily Route with a Daily Driven SUV

Waking up on a Thursday morning as I was heading to the Santa Fe Conquering Terrain event, I clearly didn’t know what I was getting myself into. Donning my new white jeans I headed to the meeting point at the Black Pearl in Glenmarie, where 8 units of the new 2019 Hyundai Santa Fe eagerly awaited for its drivers. Two variants were available for us on this journey; the 2.2 litre turbo diesel and the 2.4 litre petrol. I felt giddy with excitement as we were briefed on safety protocols and where we will be heading on this journey.... Read More

2019 Toyota Vios: Is it Legit?

The Toyota Vios has been roaming Malaysian streets for more than 15 years, making it an obvious preferred choice other than the usual local branded models. Into its third generation, the Vios hasn’t lost ground on its value offerings. Fast forward to present, the Vios gets a fresh design and new engine with an updated CVT transmission. Here’s what we think of the Vios after a recent weekend drive, courtesy of UMW Toyota Motor. View Gallery On the outside, the Vios brings a whole new sporty design to attract younger buyers. The car definitely looks pleasing to the eye... Read More

Auto Tips: Drive safely in the rain

Welcome to’s Auto Tips! With Malaysia’s constant heavy thunderstorms and flash floods, we like to offer some crucial advice to help you drive safely in the rain. Have you ever faced a situation when you’re driving and suddenly there’s a heavy downpour? You’re not alone, as thousands road users have had to confront such a situation on a daily basis, particularly if you’re a Grab or taxi driver. It rains three quarters of the time throughout the year in this country.   Heavy downpour usually slows traffic to a crawl as people take caution for all kind of... Read More

They don’t call it Elegance for nothing: The Hyundai Tucson

T The Hyundai Tucson first  appeared in Hyundai’s line up in 2004. Since then, there’s now three generations of the model, with the facelifted version completed last year. We got our hands on a Tucson facelift for a little drive, courtesy of Hyundai Malaysia. Let’s take a look at the Tucson, a rather good-looking Sports Utility in our eyes. View Gallery The facelifted Tucson is a very ‘handsome’ vehicle, it has with its athletic look all round even though it’s a more subtle family SUV., compared to the 1.6T version. The test unit comes with halogen headlights with DRLs... Read More

Captur the French Connection

The Renault Captur is one of the best-selling crossovers in Europe, but on local shores it is slowly gaining popularity. The Captur arrived in this country back in 2017 through local distributor TCEC (TC Euro Cars). In the year 2019, TCEC have finally introduced an updated version of this ‘French Connection’ Crossover. We took a spin with the Renault Captur courtesy of Renault Malaysia. View Gallery Exterior   Height Length Width Wheelbase Weight Renault Captur 1,567mm 4,122mm 1,778mm 2,606mm 1,269kg The Captur is not as large as standard SUVs, but it carries a ‘respectable’ overall dimension. Here is an... Read More

Mercedes-Benz A250 AMG Line: Where Performance meets Refinement

: The Mercedes-Benz A250 AMG Line was recently tried and tested by our partners at Route Hunters (RH), along with the country’s top Rally driver, the one and only Karamjit Singh. Starting things off is the A250’s demographics which our pips at RH pointed to the young execs with an upper mid-income level and 30 year-olds with an active lifestyle to justify the cost of owning this compact thrill seeker that carries a price tag of RM263,888. They did a marvelous  comparing between the A250 AMG and the Volkswagen Golf GTi, presumably an MKVII. Only true-blooded four-wheel aficionados could... Read More


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