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The Quirkiest Car – Citroen C3 Aircross

How do you make an SUV stands out from a sea of new SUVs? Let the designers go wild and make something unique. That’s exactly what designers at Citroen did, they’ve came up the Citroen C3 Aircross. The C3 Aircross is one of the ‘Quirkiest’ car that ever arrive on Malaysian shores, and driving it around will bring you more stares than a million dollar supercar. Quirkiest simply means most unconventional. View Gallery Square is the shape that you can spot around the C3 Aircross, and Citroen manages to soften the looks with strategically placed with curve lines to... Read More

What defines a Luxury car?

In this day and age, Luxury cars are defined by the status quo and obviously, the price point. High-end vehicles and supercars are categorized in this synonym too. But, there’s more to that, than just status and price. Owning a luxury means you’ve arrived! Luxury cars are a thing now due to the ever-expanding finances of the rich and super-rich, along with the opening of vast new markets like China, Russia, Vietnam, Indonesia and more has led to huge expansion in the global market for high-end vehicles, along with the revitalization and rapid growth of renowned Supercar marques such as... Read More

The Korean Jackal and Hyde: Hyundai Elantra

As we all know that the Jackal and Hyde story it’s all about a person with two different characters and goes terrorizing the citizens. So why would we link the Jackal and Hyde story to the latest Hyundai Elantra? Let’s find out from this review. View Gallery The Hyundai Elantra is a ‘good looking” vehicle, with a contemporary twist on the body line and a roof line that swoops down at the C-pillar; presenting a coupe-like sedan. For the headlights, instead of LEDs or Xenons the Elantra opted for the halogens, while the rearlights are regular bulbs with a... Read More

More Sound & Style with the Volkswagen Golf Mk7.5

Since the arrival of Mark V Volkswagen Golf, there has been a cult following for this top-selling VW model. With the introduction of the Mark VII (7.5) Golf R-line late last year, Volkswagen Malaysia has decided to add on a Sound & Style package to the standard Golf R-line to boost specification. We took the latest Sound & Style Golf R-line for a spin as well as let our readers know what the additional RM3,000 Sound & Style package does to the Golf. Golf MkVII with a fresh perspective On the outside, the Golf has always carried a timeless... Read More

Essential accessories and gadgets for your Car

If you’re driving an older vehicle or anything pre-2013, then you’ll probably be in need of some trendy or cool gadgets and accessories to liven up your cabin and make each drive more fulfilling. Certain accessories and gadgets are essentials for any car. From practical items to not-so-practical items, the essentials can assist to make your time on the road fun. Meantime, the non-essentials are probably just nice to look at. For whatever reasons, people In this country are just crazy about customizing their cars. From fancy accessories, gadgets to colors inside and out, some may go overboard with... Read More

Review: New Mazda3

Is the premium price tag on the latest Mazda3 justified? When you talk about the Mazda3, people automatically relates to  a sporty looking sedan or hatchback that has always been the left field choice for buyers who didn’t want the common Honda Civic or Toyota Altis. To continue the charge, Mazda Malaysia brought forth  the Mazda3 CBU unit,  with a somewhat hefty price tag. We’re here to try to answer the question whether is the price tag justifiable? View gallery If you don’t know much about cars, you may not spot the difference between the current Mazda3 from the... Read More

Auto tips: Road Etiquette, dealing with rage and bullies

= In Malaysia, road rage and bullies are a common sight every day and at every corner. Motorists in this country are constantly aggravated by several factors from the weather to others they deemed inconsiderate or too slow. Even worse are those who are intoxicated and constantly on a midnight prowl. It’s true that there are plenty of drivers out there who’re inconsiderate i.e. hogging two lanes or fast lane, blocking the path of others, slowing down for nothing, braking for no reason and always checking up on their smartphones while driving. These factors lead to the rise of... Read More

Auto tips: Too Tired to drive? Here’s some advice

Tiredness is a common denominator for all of us. Whether it’s work or a busy lifestyle, we do not ever get enough rest or sleep. Of course, an individual’s fitness level has a lot to do with handling tiredness, An overweight individual might get tired more frequently than a regular weight person. Often, if you’re overweight you’d face some form of extreme tiredness, which leads to micro-sleeps. So when it comes to driving, extreme tiredness or micro sleeps often bring about an accident.     Micro sleep is a short episode of drowsiness or sleep that could last a fraction... Read More

Auto tips: Get through Roadworks without Stress

In this country, there are sporadically more and more roadworks sprouting up like mushrooms, everywhere. Roadworks usually take place at the busiest times of the day or night, simply because the Works department in this country is as inefficient as any third world countries’ public office. Especially in the city, it’s bad enough to go about daily commute and traffic with increasing number of cars on the road and on top of that, you have to look out for roadworks?! With modern technology or Navi apps like Waze, you’ll get an alert on roadworks to allow you to consider... Read More

Hyundai Tuscon 1.6 Turbo: A fun SUV with all the trimmings

We’ve tested the Hyundai Tucson 2.0 back in June and determined that the 2.0 Tucson was a refined cruiser in its own right. It’s not under powered by any means, but would it be more fun if it’s got a bit more push. This time round, we got the Hyundai Tucson 1.6 turbo, courtesy of Hyundai Sime Darby Motors. View Gallery From far, you’re hard pressed to tell the difference between the 2.0 and 1.6 Turbo, as both look spot-on similar and as far as looks go, they’re pretty svelte for an SUV. To differentiate between the two, Hyundai... Read More


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