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2016 Maxda MX-5: Life in the fast lane

Aside from its dimensional affinities with its forebears, the new MX-5 (codenamed ND) is all new, inside and out. Mechanicals and chassis are all new, sporting the latest developments from Mazda’s SKYACTIV platform in keeping in line with the rest of the lineup. The latest SKYACTIV-G 2-liter inline DOHC engine is featured here, in a longitudinal position to drive the rear wheels.

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Peugeot 508SW THP: Toned-Down But Still Well-Stacked

Initially released at the start of 2012, the 508SW THP sits in the middle of the 508 lineup, sandwiched between the 508 THP sedan below it and the sprightly 508 GT oil-burning sedan topping off the range. In pre-facelift guise there were a total of 5 variants with 2 range-topping 2.2 HDi FAP turbodiesel GT models, but 2015 saw a consolidation of just 3 models to take the fight to the other D segments in the market, which is quite standard across other marques that have no more than 3 variants in that particular segment. So now there are 2 THP models (sedan and wagon) and a single turbodiesel GT sedan.

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Kia Sportage 2.0L 2WD AT: Less Show, More Go

Coming hot on the heels of its elder sibling the full-featured facelift Sportage 2.0L AWD that was launched early in 2014, younger brother here is tasked to take on the challenge against herd favorite the HR-V, hence the more modest asking price of RM118,888.00 which pits it head on against the highest variant in the HR-V lineup.

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