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Continental’s Digital Key for Smartphones

  In the wake of a more technologically savvy society, a Smartphone has become an essential tool for all communicative purposes. Soon, a car key will be integrated into a smartphone with utility program or app. This is where Continental, one of the world’s foremost Automotive suppliers, comes into the picture… Metropolitan areas are becoming ever larger, the streets ever more crowded, and in many places the search is on for alternatives to using private vehicles. Against this backdrop, a growing number of car sharing projects are being set up around the world, which reduce the volume of traffic while opening up new sales markets to automotive manufacturers at the same time. Continental is now driving this trend further with an innovative solution. In simpler terms, the car key via an app, developed by Continental, will be installed in a user’s smartphone. The user then would be able to reserve a car and download the digital key onto his or her smartphone. The car sharing system from Continental revolves around the digital key, which exchanges its data with the vehicle using near field communication (NFC). Continental sends a forgery-proof data record in an encrypted format to the cell phone each time a vehicle is about to be used. This is stored on the SIM card and contains the access authorization for the vehicle in question. Using NFC technology, the... Read More


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