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Perodua still commands bulk of TIV in first half of year despite challenging conditions

2nd National Carmakers Perodua yesterday announced their first half of the year financial progress to the motoring press. Despite slow economic sentiments, Perodua still reported a healthy cumulative sales through the first 6 months which showed a 4 percent overall spike, 92,900 units to 96,900 units across the available variants.

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Honda Civic 2.0l: Modulo-ed for distinctive finesse and practicality

The Civic 2.0-liter with Modulo is one of our test cars over the past month, courtesy of Honda Malaysia. The Honda Civic 9th-generation made its debut in the country some time ago in July last year. And though many have considered the previous generation Civic to be more impressionable, we felt that the latest 9th generation Civic bears its own articulate intricacies.

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The Corvette Stingray receives Sports car fuel efficiency distinction

The Corvette Stingray 2014 has received a distinction of being the most fuel efficient sports car in the United States. At an estimated 17 mpg (miles per gallon) or 16.6 liter per 100km on city drives and a remarkable 28 – 30 mpg or 9.6-9.9l/100km on highways. In all, the new Corvette Stingray’s is 11 percent more fuel efficient than its predecessor.

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