ActiveHybrid 7 joins BMW Malaysia’s Hybrid line-up

BMW Malaysia today presented the third of its Active Hybrid range, the Active Hybrid 7L, at the Royal Selangor Kuala Lumpur - site of the 2013 WTA Malaysian Open Tennis Tournament. BMW Malaysia are major sponsors of the WTA Malaysian Open since 2011.

Euromobil introduces the Audi A6 Hybrid

  Euromobil, distributors of Audi cars, today released the beautiful Audi A6 Hybrid, the first hybrid variant in the domestic Audi distributor's line-up. The Audi A6...

Volkswagen to premiere latest Golf GTI in two performance levels at Geneva

Volkswagen will premiere the updated Golf GTI at the Geneva Motor show from 5 March. For the first time, Volkswagen's popular compact sports car is available at two power levels: the standard 220 PS or the GTI Performance with 230 PS and front-axle differential lock.

Naza Euro Motor embarks on Citroen brand’s revival with new 3S Center, variants

Naza Euro Motor, distributors of Citroen cars, today officiated its first 3S showroom in the Glenmarie Shah Alam vicinity. The occasion also marked the revelation of the newest Citroen variants: the DS5 and DS4.

Shell Advance supports special Freedom Riders Asia program

Asian television viewers can expect the exciting 'Freedom Riders Asia' program in May this year. This one-of-a-kind program pits a man and motorcycle on the move and is brought to you by Shell Advance, the world's leading lubricants brand, and the STAR Sports channel.

Brabus’ “no-holds-barred” Mercedes-Benz SL 65 AMG Roadster

At onset of the huge Geneva Motor show from 5 March, Merc-Specialist Brabus has announced the Mercedes-Benz SL 65 AMG as a major exhibit for the show. The Mercedes SL 65 is part of Brabus' 800 Roadster program.

Honda divulges new technology – a combo. steel and aluminium door panel

Honda recently released information about its newly developed technology in the form of a light outer door panel that comprises a combination of steel and aluminium.

Renault cars voted Most Reliable by Automotive pundits

Renault grabbed several recognitions from top globe Automotive publications where as many as seven Renaults variants were picked amongst the top 3 in their respective categories for reliability.

Volkswagen announces world’s most efficient car in the form of the VW XL1

Volkswagen announced their most fuel-efficient production car in the world in the form of the 1-Liter 2-cylinder XL1 TDI.

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