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Proton sees sales hike in May

National carmakers Proton has released its latest monthly sales report for May. The month of May has been a positive month for Proton as sales showed an increase of 2.3% at 4,091 units from 3,999 cars sold in the previous month. Car sales got better towards the end of the month with the drive for Proton Saga and Persona models leading the way. The two models made up 70% of total sales for the month and along with other models gave Proton an unofficial 8.8% market share.

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PSA Group sales uptrend in 2017, thanks to four major brands

2017 has been a tumultuous year the world over, but for PSA Group five SUV models from across its product range introduced during the year gave the group a positive sales uptrend of 23 percent for the year. The group’s Peugeot brand led the way with almost 600,000 SUVs sold worldwide. This translated to a no.2 rank in the SUV European market, a spike of 60 percent.

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