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Proton announces delivery of 8.500 units of the X70 SUV

Most people would already have seen a Proton X70 SUV on the road, thanks to high demand for Proton’s most sought-after model since the tie-up with Chinese manufacturers Geely. In a latest release, Proton announced the 8,500 units of the X70 SUV delivered to a customer in just 100 days since the X70 debut.   The Proton X70 was delivered to a certain individual at Lee Allen Hishammuddin & Gledhill (LHAG). LHAG had ordered several X70s as part of the company’s required fleet, which included the 8,500th X70.   This one-of-a-lifetime sales record surpasses the Natonal carmaker’s previous records.... Read More

Honda Malaysia sustains No.1 spot in Non-national category

Despite a challenging 2018, Honda Malaysia has managed to sustain the no.1 spot in the non-national car segment, for the fourth consecutive year. In  Malaysia’s TIV (Total Industry Volume), Honda held a firm no.2 behind only National carmakers Perodua. Honda Malaysia’s accumulated sales for the year was 102,282 units. The figures for 2018 meant a 6.6% spike from 2017. Honda’s success is much attributed to the reality that Malaysians prefer Japanese makes rather than settle for mediocre local makes. Additionally, the automotive industry witnessed a series of events that influenced customers to pick locally-assembled Japanese and Continental makes. One... Read More

Proton X70 leads sales resurgence in first two months of 2019

National carmakers Proton had a record breaking month in February with 5,283 units delivered. The numbers represent an estimated market share of 12.7%, an increase of over 3% compared to the same month in 2018. After the recent unveiling of the X70, sales has been brisk despite February being a shorten month. For February, Proton achieved a 37% increase year-on-year.  The first two months of the year accumulated 42% increase, compared to last year, for Proton.  The X70 model alone accounted for more than half of the total sales. As a result, Proton leads all its rivals for sales... Read More

Honda HR-V Tops Compact SUV Segment with over 3,000 units sold in a Month

Honda Malaysia proudly announced that the Honda HR-V, now available with the RS and Hybrid versions, has topped the Compact SUV segment with delivery of over 3,000 units in a month and bookings of 8,500 units, up to date. The HR-V numbers alone makes up 87% of the compact SUV segment in Malaysia. Since the updated HR-V’s introduction in January, the model has been preferred by Malaysians due to its affordable price tag and choice of variants. At a starting price of RM 108,120, the HR-V offers a rather good preposition to new families and SUV lovers. The HR-V... Read More

Proton sees sales hike in May

National carmakers Proton has released its latest monthly sales report for May. The month of May has been a positive month for Proton as sales showed an increase of 2.3% at 4,091 units from 3,999 cars sold in the previous month. Car sales got better towards the end of the month with the drive for Proton Saga and Persona models leading the way. The two models made up 70% of total sales for the month and along with other models gave Proton an unofficial 8.8% market share.

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