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2019 has been a great year so far for Proton in their sales volume, as Proton manage to exceed total sales of 2018 in just 3 quarters of 2019. For 2019, 70,330 units (domestic + export) was registered so up till today, compared to 64,744 for the whole of 2018. September 2019 see the highest market share percentage for Proton in 66 months with 8,934 units (domestic + export) registered, Proton achieved a growth rate of 97% over the 4,524 units in the same month last year. Proton’s exceptional performance equates to an estimated market share of 20.2%, pointing... Read More

Proton jumps to second place in National Auto Sales tally

It took 40 months for National carmakers Proton to elevate to second overall in the automotive sales tally. Previously, Proton was chasing Honda, the top non-National brand, for the runner-up spot. Meantime, the other National caramkers Perodua still hold the ‘numero uno’ position. Last time Proton held second in overall national automotive sales was sometime in 2015. Since the entry of its Chinese comrades from Geely, Proton has had a resurgence of sort with current range of vehicle models being a hit with the citizens. Last month, Proton hit another record for the month with 8,580 units; this was... Read More

Honda Hybrids push 10k units milestone

Honda Malaysia has a knack for milestones this year, following two major ones. They announced the 100,000th Jazz last month and the 130,000th Civic prior to June. This time around, it’s the 10,000th Honda Hybrid’s turn. A customer bought the 10,000th Honda City Hybrid, which incidentally made it the ten thousandth unit delivered.   A certain Saddam Hassan purchased the City Hybrid from a Honda Dealership, Macinda Auto. Honda took the opportunity to make it a worthy media announcement. As the 10,000th customer, Saddam received a gift of a complete “Protection Package” from Honda. The package comprises full body... Read More

Honda still leads Non-national brands

Honda Malaysia has registered 44,200 cars for the first half of the year. The numbers put them at the top spot of the non-national brands. This was enabled by a strong month of May where sales tallied 10,550 cars. This half-yearly total puts Honda in the firm lead of the Non-National segment and a runner-up spot with a martket share of 15.3% in the overall TIV (Total Industry Volume). Honda models contributing to the sales chart Despite a tough economy, Honda has achieved a couple of major milestones, with deliveries of the 130,000th unit of the Civic and 100,000th... Read More

Proton continues sales spike despite slow month

National Carmakers Proton has announced its highest market share since July 2015 in a latest press statement.  Sales in June hit 7,615 units, which denotes second highest for Proton this year, overall. This translates to a market share of 18.1% share in a month. The (TIV) total industry volume  has reduced by 30.8% for the month, equivalent to 42,090 units. The mid-year blues is always prevalent this time of the year, in this country. This season, the SST effect and post festive period were the main culprits for the sales drop across all brands. Despite the downturn this year,... Read More

Get your favorite Volkswagen with low interest rate & 1k petrol card

As with every festive occasion, Malaysian car companies take the opportunity to appease to car buyers with extraordinary promos and best deals for a limited period. This time around, an upcoming festive occasion brings out the best from Volkswagen Malaysia. Volkswagen Malaysia has announced sales and after-sales promos just for the festive period. Now, selected Vollkswagen models still enjoy the 1.88% interest rate, introduced for some time now, and an RM1,000 petrol card. Recommended VW model with the low interest rate is the Passat,, while the RM 1,000 petrol card is valid for all models booked and registered by... Read More

Ford Malaysia kicks off festive season promo

Ford Malaysia (Sime Darby Auto ConneXion) has announced its festive sales promotion in conjunction with an upcoming Malaysian festive occasion. The promo is applicable for the all-time best selling model in the country, the Ford Ranger.   From 1 May to 30 June 2019, customers can own a Ford Ranger with low monthly repayments from as low as RM463/month with savings up to RM11,000. On top of that, low interest rate as low as 0% per annum will also be offered, based on monthly repayments of RM463 is based on a loan amount of RM50,000 for a 9-year loan... Read More

Ford Ranger continues surge in sales in the first quarter

As the main product in Ford Malaysia’s line-up,, the Ranger pick-up continues to spike in the sales charts in the first quarter of the year. Ford Malaysia (Sime Darby Auto Connexion) reported that the Ranger gets 20.1 percent surge in the pick-up segment, reflecting 4.8 percent up from the same period last year. With the addition of the Ford Ranger Raptor, the Ranger line-up now consists of four variants including the XL, XLT and Wildtrak. In all, there are nine Ranger variants to suit a diverse portfolio. The Ranger Raptor is offerd in a 2.0l engine, 4X4 high rider... Read More

Proton continues an upbeat trend after first quarter 2019

National Carmakers Proton reported a new record for its first quarter earnings. Over the first three months, Proton’s sales have been encouraging thanks largely to the X70 SUV. Registrations until March totalled 6,145 units representing a market share of 11%, an improvement of 2.6% compared to the same month in 2018. According to Proton, the spike in car registrations outpaced the Total Industry Volume (TIV) by four times. In fact, the TIV for March saw an increase by 11.8 % compared to last year. From the total registrations, Proton took up 46.1 %, equivalent to a growth rate nearly... Read More

Proton announces delivery of 8.500 units of the X70 SUV

Most people would already have seen a Proton X70 SUV on the road, thanks to high demand for Proton’s most sought-after model since the tie-up with Chinese manufacturers Geely. In a latest release, Proton announced the 8,500 units of the X70 SUV delivered to a customer in just 100 days since the X70 debut.   The Proton X70 was delivered to a certain individual at Lee Allen Hishammuddin & Gledhill (LHAG). LHAG had ordered several X70s as part of the company’s required fleet, which included the 8,500th X70.   This one-of-a-lifetime sales record surpasses the Natonal carmaker’s previous records.... Read More


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