Chassis Check by ZF Aftermarket Malaysia for a Safe Festive Vacation

The vacation season is a grueling endurance test for most cars: Long journeys with maximum payload, high temperatures, traffic jams, mountain passes, and poor road conditions. According to ZF Aftermarket Malaysia, shock absorbers play a critical role in car safety and are advising drivers to have them checked professionally before traveling this coming holiday season.

According to ZF Aftermarket Malaysia, defective shock absorbers not only reduce braking performance, resulting in longer stopping distances, but also increase the chances of skidding or aquaplaning when the roads are wet. In line with this, ZF Aftermarket Malaysia experts strongly recommend that shock absorbers and all complementary components be initially inspected after 80,000 kilometers at the latest, and thereafter every 20,000 kilometers.

General Manager of ZF Sales & Service (Malaysia) Cheah Chee Luen said, “Worn shock absorbers can also increase wear of tires, fatigue the driver and increase passenger discomfort; none of which are desirable when taking a long trip. Additionally, the effect of components such as shock absorbers or steering components tends to fade slowly and continually, and as such, the familiarization effect is often sufficient to prevent drivers from noticing the wear themselves. That’s why we strongly advise drivers to get their shock absorbers, brake pads and steering inspected before traveling this holiday season.”

He added, ““Shock absorbers are relatively easy to replace, but it is important that the replacement parts are of the same quality as the original parts, otherwise the performance and longevity will be compromised. Our SACHS Asian range is affordable for Malaysian drivers, but still incorporates 100 years of experience, German technology and quality control processes. This is to ensure parts that are tailored to each vehicle and matching the original quality standard.”

Damage and wear may pose a serious safety risk particularly when travelling on vacation. The high payload, often associated with an unfavorable distribution of the center of gravity as a result of roof racks or bicycles on the trailer hitch, makes the car much more unstable than usual from a physical perspective. In critical situations such as emergency braking or evasive maneuvers, worn components can have a much more dramatic effect.

ZF Aftermarket Malaysia offers a complete range of SACHS shock absorbers and Lemförder steering and suspension products for many popular Asian car models such as Honda, Hyundai, Isuzu, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Proton, Perodua and Toyota.

ZF Aftermarket Malaysia encourages drivers to check with their service centers during check-ups to ensure that they are using high quality replacements parts. This will provide them with peace of mind and help ensure that a safe ‘Drive-back-to-hometown’.

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