Citroen Advanced Comfort
Although it can be summed up in a simple word, comfort is a multi-faceted reality. All sorts of parameters contribute to the well-being experienced by passengers, including: damping, body stability, acoustics, seats, light, space, ergonomics and modular layout. Through the “Citroën Advanced Comfort® program, Citroën addresses all these aspects of comfort in the development of its models. Targeting continuous improvement, Citroën vehicles must also continue to deliver the comfort that is characteristic of the brand and that sets it apart from the rest of the market.

There are four main objectives to the Citroen Advanced Comfort program, which denotes, filter out any exterior interference; simplify life on board; create a smoother experience with intuitive technology; and ensure peace of mind by supporting drivers. Through this program, Citroën is restating its credentials and expertise in the field of comfort, with a range of innovations contributing to passenger well-being and a brand signature that is unique on the market. The “Citroën Advanced Comfort®” program is present at each stage of the brand vehicle design process.

The C4 Picasso already set the standard in the MPV category. Today, the new version is aiming even higher with its welcoming interior, generous equipment and dynamic qualities. Citroen’s latest MPV stresses on Driving Comfort, Living Comfort, Functional Comfort and Comfort of Mind.

Through the Citroën Advanced Comfort Lab, the Citroen C4 Picasso prototype focuses on one of the many and varied aspects of comfort. Designed to filter out bumps and dips on the road, it groups Citroën innovations in this field. When a car drives over a bump or dip, the effect is passed on to the cabin and the occupants in three denominations: the suspension, vibrations to the vehicle’s body and vibrations felt by the passengers through the seats.

Reflecting this process, the Citroën Advanced Comfort Lab prototype features three innovations, one for each form of transmission, in order to reduce the vibrations felt by the occupants and thus significantly improve driving comfort. The first denotes suspension systems with progressive hydraulic cushions, the second on structural body bonding, and the third, seats inspired by the world of bedding.

Citroen Advanced Comfort C4 Picasso prototypeCitroen Advanced Comfort C4 Picasso prototype_2Citroen Advanced Comfort C4 Picasso prototype_3

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