Citroen CXPERIENCE Concept to premiere at Paris Motor Show

Citroen is set to unveil its CXPERIENCE Concept at the upcoming Paris Motor Show. The Citroen CXPERIENCE Concept falls in the large sedan (saloon) segment, with a tagline “Be Different, Feel Good”. With its distinctive body style, this new concept overturns established codes and illustrates the benefits of the “Citroën Advanced Comfort” program.

With its unique, distinctive body lines, the CXPERIENCE concept car expresses a new take on the codes of executive sedans, a territory that is close to the brand and its history. Designed by Citroën Styling at the Design Center, CXPERIENCE concept expresses the brand’s new aesthetic codes.

Citroen CXPERIENCE Concept front quarter Citroen CXPERIENCE Concept front view Citroen CXPERIENCE Concept profile Citroen CXPERIENCE Concept rear Citroen CXPERIENCE Concept rear details

At the front, the pure lines of this concept car are very much in evidence, with an original light signature expressing a new take on the layered headlights that are part of Citroën’s identity. Other attributes of CXPERIENCE concept include a smooth front end and special grille. The chevrons accentuate the vehicle’s width with the chrome-finish bar angling out to the headlights. The observer’s eye is drawn in particular to the V-shaped DRLs, which give the car a high-tech look. Further down, the light signature is completed by three LED directional headlights, positioned either side of the vehicle. For greater efficiency, the controlled air intakes are integrated with the front bumpers. Mobile flaps designed to open and close are positioned on either side of the vehicle.

The rear end of the concept car also makes a statement with strongly marked wings and a concave rear window with a mobile fin at the bottom for improved aerodynamics. The 3D rear lights featuring laser fibre optics are also V-shaped. The indicators are positioned in the center under a slim one-way panel, giving CXPERIENCE concept a unique, high-tech identity. The light system is fitted in a black technical block whose lines follows the cut-out of the boot, underlining the width of this large sedan. Like the brand’s most recent vehicles, the chevrons at the rear of the concept car feature a black lacquer finish.

Citroen CXPERIENCE Concept interior_2Citroen CXPERIENCE Concept interior

The cabin of CXPERIENCE concept is a work of clean, contemporary lines. Featuring premium materials, it is decorated in a citrus yellow shade, synonymous with a fresh, optimistic mindset. Alongside the single-spoke steering, the floating dashboard is of horizontal design. It has a three-dimensional appearance, with a sculpted, tubular cut-out extending from the right rear door to the left rear door in a single piece.

Considerable emphasis was placed on the design of the seats, which are upholstered in a padded-effect yellow mesh fabric. The backrests feature walnut wood in an elegant light shade, like the dashboard. Designed to resemble alcoves, the inner door panels are also made from high-quality materials. The sea-green geometric fabric matches the body color and contrasts with the interior ambience. The flat foam floor was made to measure. It is covered in dark, textured leather with a destructured design. On either side, broad chrome-finish sills underline the careful emphasis placed on interior colors and materials.

Important highlights of the concept car include ample storage compartments, dashboard with transversal graphics, center console with flowing design lines, ambient lighting, air purifier, head-up panel, rear vision with front and rear cameras, ConnectedCAM, headrests with loudspeakers, and the 19-inch touch screen with infotainment options. In addition, at the front, a central console houses a dedicated smartphone stand. Induction-rechargeable and connected to the screens, the smartphone starts the car and activates a range of control function. At the rear, passengers have access to a mobile tablet. Presented in a refined case, the tablet lets the occupants adjust the seats and air conditioning at the same time as well as providing access to media sharing.

Citroën CXPERIENCE concept delivers dynamic performance with a petrol engine developing between 150 and 200 bhp and up to 80 kW of additional energy provided by the electric motor. Furthermore, the Citroën CXPERIENCE concept has a 3 kWh battery that can be charged in just a few hours. The vehicle can be charged in 4 1/2 hours with a standard charging system, or in less than 2 1/2 hours with an ultra-simple charging solution (32A socket). The attractive, functional signature of this drivetrain can be seen on top of the bonnet in the form of two battery charge indicators extending the line of each DRL.

Citroen CXPERIENCE Concept specifications

Length: 4.85m
Width: 2m
Height: 1.37m
Wheelbase: 3m

Electric range: 60 km
Power (EEC): between 250 and 300 bhp

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