Citroen DS4: The unprecedented mid-range variant that proves the brand’s astonishing heritage

 Citroen DS4_3 The Citroen marque’s presence in the country has been reinforced under the stewardship of Naza Euro Motor, a subsidiary of the Naza Group of Companies. To recap, Naza Euro Motor put up the new Citroen HQ in Glenmarie in February this year and subsequently revealed two of the latest DS range: the Citroen Ds4 and DS5. Since the arrival of the DS variants, Naza Euro Motor have been fervently reviving the Citroen marque as well as spreading French cheers to the citizens.

Globally, Citroen is one of the world’s most renowned auto brands, with a  90-year or more history. Citroen is one of the few manufacturers that had began mass producing cars outside of the U.S. right from the get-go, thanks to the brilliance of its founder Andre Gustave Citroen; who founded Citroen in 1919. It did not take Citroen long before the French marque became one of the largest car manufacturers in Europe.

Citroen DS4 double 'boomerang'  emblem

To date, the Citroen badge represents French ingenuity and engineering at the highest level. After all Citroen was the first auto maker to have invented the directional swiveling headlights in the early 80s. Other past Citroen innovations included hydro-pneumatic suspension. disc brake, and utilizing steel for the body structure.

Citroen DS4_4

We had a recent stint on the Citroen DS4, the compact 1.6-liter turbocharged French flair, courtesy of the folks at Naza Euro Motor. The Citroen DS4 is a sight to desire, thanks to a smooth silhouette flow from front to rear. The unmistakable front has the chrome-lined double ‘boomerang’ representing the current identity of Citroen and is patched up nicely on the black-mesh grille. The front fascia is also enhanced by the forward thrusting motif, from the hood right down to the tip towards the bottom grille. Prominent wheel arches, smooth flow shoulder line and black & chrome-accented strip below the doors are pronounced features on the side. From the rear, the Citroen DS4 is still a looker with its trademark traits such as; unique combination rearlights, extended spoiler, chrome-filled twin exhaust and the always present DS4 insignia.

Citroen DS4 front fascia Citroen DS4

Our associate writer has put his opinions to relate to the essence that is the Citroen DS4. Being a generally quick driver, he managed a top speed of 195km/h, against the manufacturer’s claim of 212km/h, on the Citroen DS4 which he deemed fun to drive on town roads or highways. The DS4’s specs sheet derives a 0 – 100km/h dash in 9.3 seconds. Thanks to an able 1.6 liter THP (Twin scroll Turbo Charge) 4-cylinder in-line, direct fuel Injection and 6-speed automatic gear box powertrain, the DS4 manages approximately 163 hp of power and 240 Nm of torque. For a compact that’s below 1.4 tons, the power-to-weight ratio of the car is deemed dependable on steeper roads and even provides decent cruising speeds at moderate to high gradient roads. On fuel consumption, the DS4 test unit returned a credible 10 – 11km/liter.

Citroen DS4: peeking in

The Citroen DS4 defines itself as a Coupe/ hatchback that’s lump into one desirable package. Be that as it may, the DS4 further defines itself in the handling aspect. The writer discovered that the Citroen DS4 handled supremely well and felt like it drove like a hot hatch. He elaborated that the DS4 could take corners aggressively with very minimal body roll, probably due to the big 19-inch wheels and tyres on board. Big wheels on a car almost certainly assist in handling and minimize tyre roll effects during high speed cornering, but cut the output if the car’s engine capacity is lesser than it should be or if it’s a non-Turbo engine.

The writer credits Citroen on the DS4’s futuristic and aerodynamically-savvy design, as well as the French marque’s daring-ness to innovate on pompous designs in their current production range, including the DS line-up. Directional head lamps were first included in the Citroen DS line, while one of the most comfortable cars the writer has had an opportunity to experience was a hydro pneumatic suspension Citroen variant back in the late 80s. The Writer added that very few European manufacturers could match Citroen’s suspension setings of the yesteryears, particularly in the 80s.

Another aspect that Citroen doesn’t compromise is safety. The Citroen DS4 is incorporated with a whole lot of safety, electronic and braking systems features such as, Electronic Stability Program (ESP); Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS); Electronic Brake Distribution (EBD); Intelligent traction control; Electronic Brake Assist (EBA) with front ventilated disc and rear disc; blind spot monitoring, airbags, eight all-around sensors and a complete spare wheel. At the same time, the daytime running light serves both cosmetic and safety aspects of the Citroen DS4.

Inside the Citroen DS4, the writer and passengers preferred the slightly jacked-up seats, which are comparably higher than in the average sedan. The plush Habana Club leather seats did offer a form of luxury comfort, which is probably attributed to the car’s exemplary all-around insulation and sturdy suspension settings. All said, the Citroen is a well-balanced car. Conveniences and amenities are aplenty in the DS4, check out the Arkamys sound system with Aux, USB or Bluetooth connectivity; driver seat with electric lumbar and massage function; dual-zone air-conditioning; start-stop button; an option switch on the instrument panel to change the theme or lighting on the meters; and many more.

The DS4 has some semblance from the former Citroen World Rally Championship (WRC) car. These days, Citroen has opted to utilize the DS3 due to cost effective measures and WRC regulations. Eight WRC titles since 2003 speak for itself. The fact that Citroen has won the manufacturers’ crown eight times meant that the French marque’s cars are sturdily built, durable and reliable.

The writer believes that the Citroen owner is a thinker and  someone who appreciates innovation and creativity; one who looks for new excitement. Let’s just say it’s not meant for the common person, but more for the idealist or individualist. The Citroen brand, under the tender loving care of new takers Naza Euro Motor, has been given a new sense of direction in the country. Though the Citroen DS4 is valued at RM 165,000 and its direct sibling DS5 at an even higher price of RM195,000, we believe that Naza Euro Motor would bring re-tabulate the prices in due time and build on the brand’s astonishing legacy.

Citroen DS4 images

Citroen DS4 driver's seat adjustment and massage switches Citroen DS4 engine bay   Citroen DS4 3-ring cluster Citroen DS4 3-ring cluster illuminated blue Citroen DS4_2Citroen DS4 steering and 3-ring meters    Citroen DS4 looking insideCitroen DS4 interior dashboard overviewCitroen DS4 center consoleCitroen DS4 TC and related switches

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