An effective way to clear out Brake dust

There’s no better way to clear out brake dust from wheels than by using the new ‘Better Than A Brush’ Wheel Scrubber by Awesome Products. The ‘Better Than A Brush’ Wheel Scrubber is a specially developed and applied for a patent on a new, more effective, less costly, product to clean wheels with only soap & water. Awesome Products is based in Lake Forest, California, U.S.A.

The name ‘Better Than A Brush’ was chosen after the wheel scrubber had been tested during the development stage by detailers. The detailers all stated that it cleaned ‘better than a brush.’, and the company decided to pick out ‘Better Than A Brush’ for the wheel scrubber.

The wheel scrubber makes cleaning the inside of the wheels rather easy. A brush can only clean where the ends of the bristles come into contact with the surface. This allows for a very small cleaning area as the bristles bend. The Better than a Brush Wheel Scrubber’s composition permits 100% contact with the surface during the cleaning at all times and all 4 sides can be used. They are so effective that most wheels can be cleaned using only water. Wheels that have been neglected may need to be cleaned with chemicals initially, but water or soap & water is all that is needed for subsequent cleanings. The product is suitable for all wheel surfaces: aluminum, magnesium, chromed, steel, clear coated and painted wheels.

Brake Dust what is it and what causes it?

The unsightly brake dust that we all see on automotive wheels is 92% Fe which simply put is in part iron caused by abrasion of the cast iron brake rotor by the pad and secondly fibers from the semi metallic elements of the brake pad. The remainder of the dust residue is carbon content within the brake pad.

99% of automotive brake pads made these days are made as a semi metallic meaning a bundle of steel fibers compressed and fused together with other additives. The steel fiber content can be up to 30% of the pad and this abrasive material is what scratches your brake rotor and causes the dust.

Non metallic pads such as those made with Twaron or kevlar fiber are only available as an upgrade in the aftermarket and very few manufacturers opt to use these more expensive materials simply for build cost purposes. These pads are known an organics and often outperform and outlast their semi metallic counterparts as well as reducing rotor abrasion and dust caused in the braking action.

Source: EBC Brakes

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